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Canceled order, can't leave a rating

A seller delivered to me a low quality work and I told him so. After giving me a cheap excuse he offered me to cancel the job, which I accepted. Fiverr then asked me a rating but now this rating doesn’t appear on that gig’s profile. I only see 5-star ratings there. Is Fiverr hiding (mostly bad) ratings given on canceled orders??

When you agreed to the cancellation, it’s like the transaction never took place. My assumption of the rating you were asked about was a private thing to Fiverr only, as you can’t leave feedback on canceled orders.

The only way you could have left a rating is to let the order be completed. Your rating then would have shown on their stats page.

Negative reviews may be removed if an order is refunded, as then it is like the transaction never happened. This prevents buyers from screwing over sellers by leaving a negative review, receiving a refund, using the now stolen material, while the seller suffers ramifications of a negative review.

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Ok, my point is that there are some sellers out there cheating on buyers (for example by using copied materials, machine-translated texts, or other deceptive services). If a buyer notices this and therefore cancels his order, it would be fine that he can also leave a rating. Otherwise we’re not helping make things better for future buyers.

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And there are also some very good sellers on Fiverr.

I can see what you’re saying, but it would be difficult to achieve.

The only few times I’ve had to ask for a mutual cancellation is where the buyer hasn’t read the description and wants something which isn’t offered as part of my gig, and I’m unable to do anyway.

It wouldn’t be very fair on the seller for he/she to be given a negative when the fault is with the buyer.

Also, very open to abuse.

If you want to help make things better for future buyers, send the proof of their dishonesty to Customer Support.

Technically, you didn’t buy it, so you have no right to leave a public rating. However, Fiverr does review your private ratings as well to determine whether or not they should continue putting that person on top of the searches. A lot of sellers aren’t aware of this, and that’s your way to be heard.