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Canceled order, he gets money back but i'm stuck with negative review.?

So I successfully canceled an order that was open months ago, because two weeks later he submitted me a negative review on the old order, because I didn’t do his revisions on his timeline after he had messaged me weeks later asking for it.

So I was told canceling will just remove the review, and give him his money back.

But the review is still there; AND he got his money back and the voiceover.? is this normal?

Did your buyer “accept the cancellation”? If the order does not say “order cancelled by mutual agreement” then yes, it’s normal. Both you and the buyer have to agree to the cancellation in order for the feedback to be removed. If you submitted a cancellation request and the buyer did not respond, the timer (2 days after submitting) will automatically cancel the order without their consent. This means the review stays in place and you lose your money. You can abort cancellations before the timer runs out, but you have to catch it before the 48 hour deadline.

With that being said, CS might remove the review for you, but it’s unlikely. Just keep that in mind for future orders.

contact customer support

It could just be a technical hiccup with your account, the best thing would be to email fiverr’s technical support team to explain the issue. I have had to contact them before with an inappropriate feedback issue and they were able to directly remove it from my account.

Well that’s unfortunate, I was unaware that I could lose the money and be stuck with the negative review.

At least I’ll be aware of this for future reference!