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Canceled order. How much does the seller pay?

I canceled order as a seller, because buyer asked something different from what I was ready to do. Does it cost something for me?


Buyer gets their funds back, your order completion rate goes down. That’s it.


Your order complete rate goes down and your gigs rank falls.

If an order is cancelled, the funds paid will be refunded to your shopping balance.If your gig was purchased with cleared revenue, the funds will return to your revenue balance.
Thank you😇

So, they dont take this money from me previous earnings? Just I dont get new money and don`t loose old, right?

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Yes. Why would you lose money from completed orders?

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I thought, maybe it it like a fee. Penalty for refusing

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Read terms of service. As a seller you should know that.


You def get penalized for it. Your completion rate goes down and also your gig ranking takes a hit as well.

But if you’re specifically asking if there are any monetary penalties, then no there’s none.

It will effect on your overall gig performance.

Yes) you are right) thank you

While some may notice this, I have not. Although my cancellations are never counted against me since none are through any fault of mine.

Yes, you don’t loose your old money.

Hi, i just cancelled an order, and fiverr charged me from my earnings. Have the rules changed?