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Canceled order in analytics but not actually canceled

I can see a canceled order in analytics whereas I can’t see any canceled order in canceled order or in earnings or in notifications.

any suggestions?

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I noticed something somehow similar yesterday … after declining a cancellation request 3 times , in my analytics appeared that I had 3 order cancellations out of nowhere , I contacted support about it , perhaps it’s some kind of bug . Did you decline a cancellation request from a buyer ?

It’s a bug, I guess. Fiverr CS will refresh your completion rate.

yes I did!! will this effect the gig positioning or order complete rate? I worried because fiverr is also deranking the gig for unknown time. the future is so uncertain one fiverr now. I do not know whether we should give so much time and effort on fiverr or not :frowning: because you never know what’s going to happen next moment

did you contact CS?

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I do not know, I hope they will

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I did and they said that it won’t count as a cancelled order and they confirm the previous number of cancelled order that I had… the problem is that in my analytics from my app I see that I have 3 extra cancellations out of nowhere but … there’s not much that I can do about it than to trust support when they say that they won’t count , it could be some kind of visual bug , my order completion rate is the same as before so everything is probably ok… it seems to be something new , I noticed this only yesterday

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Thank you so much for replying!! I was getting worried about it.