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Canceled order notification )Your delivery deadline is coming up)


Hi all, today I received email and notification that Your delivery deadline is coming up
but this order is canceled on the 7 September
why i am receiving this email and notification for the cancel order
Now, what should I do?


Hi. Inform support ASAP.


Thanks @miiila i submit ticket to CS


Yes, the same happens on my end. CS cancelled an order over a week ago, and I get deadline notifications :roll_eyes:

I’ve informed them and asked if it will have any impact once the “deadline” is reached, but all I got was a canned reply that they’ll send the bug report to the tech team and they’ll update me when if they have any info :frowning:


Sir thanks for the info and confirm that this is a bug


I had the same experience, both with the message and the contact with tech support. It does seem to be a glitch, and although the cancellation does affect your ‘Delivered’ statistics, it won’t affect your ‘On-time Delivery’ stats.