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Canceled order or bad review? Which is preferable?

Hello, fellow Fiverrers! :slight_smile: I searched for an answer on this topic, but, after some reading, I’m still not sure what the best option would be in my case.

Long story s̶h̶o̶r̶t̶ long (I also posted a synopsis in my first post below): I have been a seller since the end of October 2019 and have since provided work which was well received by all my previous buyers (one of them returned for a second order).

Last Friday, I received an order. At first, it all seemed normal: the buyer had provided the information in my requirements form, I reached out to them, thanked them for choosing me, assured them I would deliver the work within the deadline and asked if they had additional specifications. They said they did not.

I delivered the work 10 hours after the order was placed (out of the total 24 hours deadline). When delivering the order, I summarized the creative process, reassuring them that I had taken all their requirements into consideration.

For the next 2 days, I received no feedback/sign from the buyer, despite the order chat showing that they had repeatedly been online during this time.

Suddenly, they request a revision (I offer 1 free revision). In the message accompanying the revision request, the buyer starts having a condescending attitude, saying that the only 2 versions they liked (out of the 10 I provided, according to my gig description) are not original. They said they were already used by their competitors. I googled those specific slogans and found nothing like that. I should mention that my gig does not offer competitor research and that I am very involved in the creative process, as I am very passionate with writing. I have never used generators, nor have I plagiarized existing slogans.

I had provided 8 creative slogans, and 2 more general ones, all of them according to the buyer’s requirements.

Although in my FAQ, as well as when I deliver my orders, I clearly specify that, for my gig, a revision means slightly modifying/adapting the initial work, not doing the work differently from scratch, I pondered whether risking a bad review would be worth it, and I decided to make an exception and provide 10 new slogans, following the direction of those 2 slogans that the buyer had indicated they liked. I made sure to inform the customer about this, in a friendly and professional manner, focusing on the fact that I will re-do the work in order to have an efficient and fruitful collaboration.

I provided the second batch within hours. Again, the buyer kept silent for almost 24 hours, after which they requested another revision (although I only offer 1 for free, and they did not buy the extra for this), simply saying “I do not like any of the revisions. The slogans provided are not original as advertised.” Shortly after, they requested me to cancel the order.

In the Terms of Service, it is stated that: Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.

The situation this buyer has put me in is not fair at all. If I cancel, this would basically mean that I did a double amount of work for free (not to mention the stress and the efforts I made in order to provide a timely delivery). I am much convinced that this buyer only wanted work for free. I delivered them 20 slogans and now they want their money back.

On the other hand, if I do not cancel, I am convinced they will leave a negative review (judging by their attitude, I would not be surprised if they left a 1 star review). My gig has a general 5-star review, based on 10 reviews and I am very close to becoming a Level 1 seller.

What would you advice me to do? Cancel the order and lose money/time/energy but maintain my good rating? Would this cancelling affect my statistics, being that this would be my first ever canceling? Or address CS and, if the order does not get canceled, risking a 1 or 2 stars review, which could mess up my Level 1 upgrade and possibly influence future buyers into not ordering from me?

Thank you in advance and sorry for this long post! I felt that painting the whole picture would be necessary when seeking advice.


Hello, it’s still a long story. I wish you could edit out about 90%. But that’s probably just me. I like it concise when there is a problem.

I went through it reading only the first sentence of each paragraph and got the gist of it. It’s really your decision which is the worst for you.

This is a very common problem probably caused by someone wanting free work.


Sorry, but I felt that leaving details out would not help in this situation. Thank you for your response, that’s my feeling also…

For other people who prefer a synopsis: Basically, the buyer may have tricked me into delivering two batches of work for free, although my revision does not equal re-doing the job. I made an exception in order to avoid a bad review. After the second delivery, they were rude and asked for order cancellation.

What would be the better choice? Cancel the order, or adressing CS and risking a negative review?

These usually follow the same pattern you are describing. It’s very common.

It’s your decision based on:

  1. how much stress of dealing with the person you can tolerate much you don’t want a bad review much you think a cancellation will hurt you. We don’t have actual statistics on what exactly each of these possible scenarios will do to your sales or account. It’s a hard situation to be in.
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Thank you! Could you please also help me with this question? If I choose not to cancel the order, will it automatically get marked as completed in 3 days if the buyer does not accept it, even if the status of the order is now “In revision”? (as they abusively asked for a second revision, although my gig only offers 1).

If the order is in revision, you will not get paid.

Basically, 3 days need to pass after the order is delivered for it to be marked as complete. Either that or the buyer accepts it. If he continues to ask for revisions, your order will constantly be postponed and you can’t get paid until the order is accepted.

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Thank you for your response! I don’t understand why they can still ask for a revision after they already used the only revision available. So they basically made sure I can’t get paid (since the order would not get completed), and this way I would be forced to cancel it and they would get away with my work for free. I wonder if reporting them to CS would help or if this would result in me receiving a warning, as I read on an older topic.

You till can redeliver your work.
(In case if you’ll want to stand your ground and do not cancel) you will also have to reject cancellation request.

As others said the decision will be totally yours. You will be loosing in both situations you just need to pick which one will harm you less.

I never cancel orders based on the situations like yours. I’d rather have a bad review and explain my situation under their review that they tried to get away with free work. That’s also scaring away all other scammers.

However the review will always stay on your account and it’s only your choice if you want to get a hit on your stats of order completion ratio or hit on your overall rating.
You can calculate which one will bring down stats less based on the ratio and orders in the last 60 days.

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Like other said, it’s almost a lose/lose situation. That can happen sometimes with difficult buyers as the structure of the platform often caters to the Buyer experience over the Sellers.

That being said, when considering which would hurt less, like @mariashtelle1 stated, a negative review will stay with you much longer. You shouldn’t really feel the effects of a canceled order after 60 days, but you’d be hard pressed to recover from a 1 star review. This is mostly true as you are a relatively new Seller. If you had hundreds of reviews, one negative review wouldn’t be too big of a deal. But if you have 10 reviews, a 1 star obviously has a greater impact.


Thank you as well, @mariashtelle1 and @articulateasian! If I get a 1 star review, my rating will drop around 4.6, so I guess cancelling would affect me less on the long run.

Yet, I still cannot let this situation at this, knowing that this person may continue doing this to countless other sellers if no measures are taken (he already has a recent 3-star review, so I guess I was not the first victim). I think about reporting this to Fiverr, via screen shots, so the abusive behavior may be proven. The TOS clearly says that buyers cannot request order cancelling solely based on their perceived quality of the work. But, if I do report him in an effort to shut down this practice and he will be forced to accept and review the order, this will get me to point 1, where my rating will be very affected. Such a dilemma…

Haha, I just accessed the profile of the seller who recently left this buyer a 3 star review and this is the review this buyer had left him (1.7 stars):

The seller seemed to get irritated after I asked him to revise his work because of errors and work I did not like and asked him to change.

Should I mention that said seller has a total of 50 reviews and this buyer’s review is the only negative one. So this is clearly a pattern…

I was in a conversation about nearly this topic 2 days ago:

The situation isn’t identical (no abusive language, larger review ‘cushion’, continuous revisions issue), but there are similarities.

I’d copy/paste, but it’d probably be harder to read.


Cancel ORDER is the best option may be i think, because it is count in dispute, but bad review create a problem next time to get order.

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@mrs_write Hello, I think better to cancel your order but before cancel take a screenshot you and your buyer massage history if he/she wants extra service and didn’t want to pay extra for that and threaten you for bad reviews then you will send a report with this screenshot. This is my opinion . It depends on you what you want if want work with him then extend the time and offer him extra money or tips :wink:
Thank you

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