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Canceled order (without any good reason), still bad review shows up

Hi. I had a buyer ask me to make an ad for him. I will have to admit, it’s was not one of my good works. I normally would have canceled, after the buyer said it was not what they were expecting. But you can check my other post, CS canceled another order for no reason and I was really pissed that day.

Now, I won’t go much into details because I understand the buyer, I would have canceled too.

But what I don’t understand is, I believe I gave a complete work according to his requirements. He didn’t like it. That’s okay, but as far as I understand, that’s no reason to cancel. And as I said, it was a bad day for me and I didn’t accept his cancelation request. I normally give 1 revision, I gave him 2, one of them was a completely new design. He still wanted to cancel. I didn’t accept.

3 days later, it was marked complete. Buyer leaves a 2 star review. Unsatisfied with the work quality. I could have made him a better design, I accept that, but wanted like 5x more work for the money he paid. There is no way he would be satisfied. I sent a ticket, said is that review OK, after I gave him all he wants?

The day after I see that order was canceled by CS. I was shocked, I asked why? They told me buyer was unsatisfied with the quality. As I said, I don’t care at this point if it’s canceled, I was calmer at this point as the other issue was solved and I got the money back.

But the 2 star review still shows up? If I don’t get my money, lose my time, how do I still get 2 star review for something the buyer DIDN’T PAY for? Can anyone tell me if that makes sense?

If the buyer accepts the order and leaves me a feedback, how can they ask to cancel?

And If they cancel, how can they leave a feedback for an order he didn’t pay, and I didn’t get paid for?


The customer is king.

That’s just the way it is.

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Fiverr should know better, they won’t be anywhere if they don’t value their sellers.

Also, Fiverr would not be anywhere without their buyers. :thinking:
Which came first the chicken or the egg?


Very much disappointing. Its like modern racism between buyer and the seller. Totally unfair.

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You need to quote TOS to CS sometimes - "Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. "

They’re busy … and they forget sometimes.

Once an order is cancelled, the review should go with it. If that hasn’t happened, it’s a bug and you should contact CS about it. Someone else mentioned that particular bug recently.

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This has to be some kind of joke.



Or is there something I don’t understand?

He got REFUND! Why is his review still there? And if his review going to stay there, that means HE ACCEPTED THE ORDER. How can that be canceled?

I really don’t care about the money or review anymore. I want to be treated just as this is just absurd.

Seems like a lot of sellers are dealing with this issue, I’ve seen several threads like yours in the past days.

I don’ think it’s fair but as someone mentioned in a similar thread, if sellers had the ability to refund a buyer in exchange for having their negative review removed, fiverr reviews would become biased and sellers would be likely to cancel orders after receiving bad reviews.

That being said, it is what it is but I do not think it’s fair that buyers can go ahead and cancel orders after they accepted them. If it’s supposed to be fair and unbiased, nobody should be able to cancel an order after it has been accepted.

You’re not wrong - this shouldn’t have happened.

Unfortunately for you, it can happen. Fiverr can cancel an order, even if it’s been completed, and to the best of my knowledge, that doesn’t mean that the review disappears with it. Customer Support with Fiverr is woefully inconsistent - just this week, we’ve had a CS rep refuse something that multiple other CS reps have approved before, without issue. They all seem to interpret the rules differently. Emailing support is like flipping a coin these days - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

You got unlucky, and other than keep trying to fight it out with CS, there isn’t much you can do. It sucks, but the best thing you can do in this situation, if you ever find yourself in it again, is cancel - and do it before the buyer can accept the order. I used to advise people to stand their ground, but I’ve seen this happen enough times now… just cancel.


I understand your problem. But this is out of our hand last week buyer send me a cancellation request reason is “cannot afford to buy”. My point is, as a seller we’re helpless, so many scammers are trying to get advantage Fiverr system. Also, if I were you, I don’t contact customer support because they always take the buyer side. I never won any case against buyer they always win

The thing is, I didn’t initiate any cancelation. The buyer accepted, left a 2 star review. Then the day after CS canceled that order.

Before that, I asked the CS about 2 star review, they said it not against the TOS so it won’t be removed. That’s okay. But they also canceled the order.

Isn’t the review part of the order? How can that still show up?

This is the latest reply. They don’t want to help their sellers!


As I said already and as CS told you, the review you got represents the buyer’s exerperience working with you. So even if the order was cancelled, the review still counts.

You can’t change that and CS will not remove the review. What you should focus on instead is the fact that they cancelled the order eventhough the quality of work is no reason to cancel. That is just not okay.

They also don’t give an answer to that either, I really don’t understand CS most of the time.

But as I said, he got the refund. It is only logical that his review would be removed along with my payment. Otherwise this is just punishing me for offering extra revisions and a completely new design.

They just marked it solved after that, not even an answer. I am not backing down from this. CS is a joke.

true … how about fair ? it’s a different story , if the buyer is able to leave a review he shouldn’t be able to cancel the order . He left a review, the seller has to keep the money

Reviews stay after the order was cancelled.

That’s how it is, and it has been that way for a while.

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That doesn’t mean it is true to be that way.

Anyway, the order shouldn’t be canceled anyway.

But that’s just it. Buyers should NEVER have the ability to cancel AFTER accepting the order! If they are not happy, that’s what the “revision” button and the “request a cancellation” button are for!

I know you also find this unfair, don’t get me wrong, but this subject annoys me so much.

Edit: I meant buyers AND sellers. No one should be able to cancel anything after an order has been completed

Completely agree. I believe I read before that buyers who do paypal chargebacks get their account banned but I would actually like to know whether that’s also the case if the order is being cancelled through CS.