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Canceled orders refunded partially UPDATE: I was credited with the $40

Has anyone else noticed that when we have a cancelled order that is refunded, only part of it is refunded?
I’ve had that happen twice now.
The main part of the order gets refunded but if there is a tip or an extra that part is not refunded.

For example on this one, the $8 never appears in my pending funds, only the rest of the order.


These are tips. If the food in a restaurant is very bad and you say the owner to refund so he refunds y but tips why that. I think Fiverr thinks like this. :smiley::smile::laughing:

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No ma’am the total order is not being refunded.

The entire order amount is supposed to be refunded including all tips and extras.

The tips and extras parts are not being refunded as they should be. You are incorrect.

We are supposed to be refunded for the total amount of the order.


I think you get refunded if the buyer did a charge back via paypal etc. And fiverr just covers the costs of the actual gig, no tips etc. Whilst its unfortunate, I do see the reason why they don’t do this.


No sir that is not correct.
Why do people think they only refund part of an order? You guys obviously are not familiar with this.

Everything you earn is refunded.


I’m getting mixed answers here, is there something I’m missing?

I should have said “everything you earn should be refunded”. Or “everything you earn is generally refunded”.

In the other sentence you mentioned I was describing the problem I was having:

I think anyone familiar with what I’m talking about would have understood the problem I was describing.

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So. The buyer did a chargeback, fiverr compensated you for everything but not the tips?

Yes, or in another one, everything but the extra in that order. It has happened to me twice lately.

That $8 I showed that was missing was a tip. It should have also been refunded.


Tips and extras are considered individual transactions, did you scroll up and maybe find those there?

Customer support added $40 to my earnings page. :+1: That was one of them. Now I will tell them about the $8 one.


They added the words FIVERR COMPENSATION plus the missing $40 but it was not added into either my pending funds nor to my available balance. :neutral_face:

It would be nice to actually put the funds in there :smile:.

It appears that the $40 was indeed credited to me. It’s confusing how it’s presented on the earnings page and took me a lot of study to figure it out.

You made an order for 40, then gave 8 tips to the seller for work. And then they took and canceled the order. Did I understand everything correctly ?. Why cancel the order if you liked the work so much that you even gave the tips? This says a lot about a person. If I do not understand correctly, you are also a seller, and such an order was canceled for you. I’m sorry that you got such a buyer.