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Canceled Orders - The Buyers side

I’ve ordered logo services from 3 highly rated, featured sellers and had the orders canceled. I didn’t ask for anything extra, I didn’t ask for something impossible, I just asked for a logo as advertised. Here’s what I asked for:

"Hello, I just ordered your logo design gig. I have a new website I am making called Geek Baby, it’s a dating site for people who are geeky, like people who are into computers, electronics, video games, comic books, star wars, star trek, that kind of stuff. I would like a logo that represents that, that shows a visual representation of finding your geeky love on Geek Baby. I would like to see what your imagination comes up with. I really like your style and samples, it needs to be cool, not a boring corporate looking logo and your style is perfect! If you could do a graphic logo with Geek Baby underneath, like the one highlighted on your gig page that would be cool. Please let me know if you have any questions."

I never got any questions, I never got anything but a canceled order from 3 top rated sellers! I think they get these top ratings by only choosing the easiest orders which fine, that’s their prerogative but as a buyer I wish there was some way to leave feedback or to show how many orders sellers have canceled and why. It would save me a lot of wasted time waiting for orders that end up canceled. It’s very frustrating that sellers who are considered the best just cancel orders without any explanation.

Reply to @steveeyes:

there’s actually a weird bug on fiverr lately, whenever you submit the cancellation request … it just doesn’t show to the customer…

I got a very heated message from a customer who’s order I decided to cancel because it included nudity, I provided a very detailed, polite and professional explanation as to why I’m canceling this order …

comes out, the cancelation reason didn’t show to them and they thought I had just “Pushed the order aside” not wanting to work on it for no reason…

which lead to them calling me an unprofessional dche a seller…

Reply to @miacmht:

I know it might sound like a good idea that might teach them a lesson, but be careful with these types of things.

They might revert cancelation in which case the order goes into “late” and they can cancel the order due to it being late and it’ll result in you getting a negative feedback.

“Cancelled order, seller failed to deliver on time”

The explanation part is what I find baffling. As a seller, If I cancel an order I’m forced to provide an explanation (form to fill out). So the seller could not cancel without providing an explanation unless there is a bug or you are not receiving the messages for some reason.

No, no explanation, and if they wanted more direction I would have given it them had they asked. If they filled out a form the buyer doesn’t see it, I just get a cancellation request, no explanation.

There’s a bug that has never been fixed: sellers are forced to type a message,but it never show up in the order, only the cancellation request.

However, if the seller actually read what they write, they will notice the message is missing after hitting submit. And they’re still able to send message on that same order page. So if they want they can explain again. At least that’s what happened with me, the first time I just typed the message again. After that I usually copy the message before submit, so I can paste it if necessary.

Anyway, I’m having the same issue now. Someone waited until 4 mins before the order is due, to cancel it. I’m not going to accept the cancellation, nor I’m rejecting it. After a couple days it would become forced cancellation and would showed in their profile. Let’s see if they decide to be more responsive now and contact me during these day to ask me accept it.

Reply to @rebelnation: They’re the seller in this case, not me. And they sent me a cancellation just right before it’s late. So I’m not going to accept or reject it and after a couple days it would turns to froced cancellation from their side.