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Canceling a completed Order

Hello folks,

After delivering the order in the deadline and the order automatically marked as completed after 3 day by fiverr, i received some revisions via messages after 6 days from the client.
I hade a lot of work at that moment so i delivered the revisions after 14 days.

The client asked refund because i took a long time to deliver the revisions, i refused under the assumption that there is no deadlines for revisions that i took me a long time to finish them.

He told me that he will ask the CS for a cancelation and a refund

is there anything against the ToS here,
Im I on the right to not give him a refund?


If you haven’t sent complete order then the buyer can cancel the order and you will get warning for partial delivery…And if you have given unlimited revisions to that order then the buyer can send the order for modification unlimited time and you have to do that…


You don’t have to give refund if you delivered the promised service.

If you delivered order within promised time and client didn’t request changes within 3 days then it’s upto you if you wish to make the revisions or not. Officially, they can’t ask for revisions once the order is automatically marked as completed.

Don’t even mention this. Simply tell your client that they were supposed to ask for changes within 3 days from when you delivered the order, not after the order was automatically marked as completed.

I’d suggest you to get in touch with CS with your side of story. Tell them that your client requested changes after the order was automatically marked as completed.

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Thanks for your response, I delivered the complete work and added few bonuses for the client.

thanks for your answer.
Its really helpful.