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Canceling an Order-is it bad?

I delivered an order to a client and it was exactly what he asked for, I thought it looked great and followed all his instructions but he said he hated it and that it was awful, so I revised twice and followed everything he asked yet he still hates it. I have never had a client act this way and I usually have no trouble at all following what a client wants. I think I may have to cancel the order with him as he obviously doesn’t like my styles. (Not sure why he ordered from me if he didn’t like my work)
Should I cancel it or ask him to cancel? Will this hurt my business in any way, reduce sales? I’m not sure what to do in this situation and I don’t want to risk a bad review.

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Fiverr is like any another real work in the reality :slight_smile: so sometimes it doesnt work as usuall.
It’s better to avoid canceling and to try to fix things of course if the buyer also open about it, but i really find it’s normal also to cancel an order and not get stressed or even think about it so much. This is the nature of work :slight_smile:



“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

The above is from the Fiverr terms of service.

Your buyer is trying to get free work. Quote the above … and politely point out you’ve delivered per your gig. This is often enough to let this kind of buyer know you’re not a pushover.


The problem I’m worried about with doing this is that he will leave a bad review. He was happy with my base design but continues to ask for more and more revisions and after I told him he will need to purchase more revisions, he said he is not happy with what I delivered and “isn’t sure if I can actually deliver” I’m worried that if I don’t give him a refund and cancel the order that he will leave a bad review and it will ruin my business.

It won’t ruin your business - if they leave a bad review then you can respond with your version of what happened. You have enough 5* reviews that buyers won’t be taken in by one bad review.

Everyone gets bad reviews sometimes. The trick - in the future! - is to recognise red flags when you see them and pass on those orders …


Okay, thank you so much for your advice!

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