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Canceling an order


I accidentally the same gig twice. I only wanted one (the page timed out and didn’t show it was purchased the 1st time). Anyway, I don’t want to negatively affect the seller. If I cancel before I send instructions will it affect her? How long can the gig sit there before I need to activate it by sending instructions? It is a gig I use regularly and will need again soon. So, can I just let it sit in my box for a week and then “use” it? Sorry if this is confusing. I just want to protect the seller. She is great!


Canceling an order does impact a seller negatively, unfortunately. =[

If you are planning on using the gig again, yes, you can just let it sit there. It will remain in an “incomplete” status and only when you write something on the order page will it “activate” the order.

You can let it sit there for however long you want. I’ve had inactive orders since 2011!


Thank you! If I hadn’t read the forums I would have no idea that a simple mistake could affect the seller negatively. I will keep the gig incomplete until I am ready for it. Thanks again.


I canceled an order and it was put in my shopping…How can I get that money back on my card? Im not spending another dime on here!


Reply to @ygthamanager: According to the TOS, “Fiverr will not refund payments made for cancelled orders back to PayPal. Funds from order refunds are returned to the buyer’s balance and are available for future purchases on Fiverr.”