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Canceling an order?


Hi everyone,

I do custom keyword research as my main gig on fiverr.

About one out of every 10 orders is on local businesses - i feel like i can’t provide the exemplary report on local businesses as i do with others so i don’t want to accept the local business orders. I have put in my description to please email me if you are a local business but i still get local business.

Does it reflect negatively on your account to request an order to be cancelled with the buyer if you don’t want to accept it?

Thanks for your time,



Hey Jaya

OK here is the low down, In the “Got problems?” link in the order there are 2 options for cancelling. The 1st is to force cancel and order but if I were you I would steer clear, choosing this automatically closes the order and will hurt your ratings, as you have levels this may also hurt those and we don’t want to do that do we?

The second is by mutual cancellation choosing this options sends a message to the buyer asking them to either accept or reject.If they reject the order continues. If they accept the order is closed by mutual agreement, the buyer is returned their money and everyone is happy and doesn’t have any impact on your ratings :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


madmoo said: It does depend upon how many cancellations you have, regardless of whether they're mutual or not.

Oh..... does it matter if any were cancelled by Admin I have a few of these (long story) but I think I have only mutually cancelled one since being here.

I need to check up on the Cancelled by admin thing my total stands at 23 !


Yeah I have asked admin to cancel on a few occasions when a buyer has sent me a video request when I don’t feel comfortable with their business such as pharmaceutics and they flat refuse a mutual cancellation when it’s stated in my description that I don’t do that sort of stuff. Admin have always been brilliant in this respect. My order total is close to about 350 for the month and bit I have been selling so I’m not too worried just yet!


i knew that option one of force cancel can be negative in the ratings as it clearly states it and i wasn’t sure about the mutual cancellation but now have a better idea. thanks for the advice!


There are a 3rd option does not affect your rating just ask the customer support to cancel it if the buyer baught a wrong gig because he read not the description or you need stuff to complete the order he not provide they cancel it refound the money and it does not affect your rating.


Reply to @madmoo: i just asked the customer support one time and they said to me it will not affect the ratings, thats why i tought thats right


I hear you!

I have actually been through this exact situation. Not the exact same gig but one related to writing. The problem is the gig was very successful when I launched it and I had to do some mutuals (about a dozen of them actually) - and its still a successful gig. But to make a long story short most companies and individuals can not have this product written about them. They don’t qualify and it will get deleted. Or be at risk of being deleted. So I actually thought about killing the gig. But I didnt.

What I did do is changed it entirely. I made it very explicit anyone who wants to buy it must contact me first, so I can pre screen them. Then I give them a percentage chance their purchase would be deleted. And anything under 80% I dont recommend they proceed - and if they do they’ve been warned. Anything under 50% I flat out refuse to take.

Anyway the moral of the story is people actually do read descriptions - and IT has NOT negatively impacted business.

As for if mutual affect your ratings or not, in contrast to what @simsalabim and @madmoo I think your both right. As far as I understand mutuals will affect you as a seller if they are for a crap reason. IE because I dont feel like it.




same as i tought so i will continue to cancel my orders throught the support also if someones want a cancelation so my ratings will not be touched.


@adamandtheglobe, excellent advice, i’m going to make it as explicit as possible.

@oldbittygrandma, i get it!

so the answer is the obvious one but sometimes one needs to hear it from others. try avoiding cancellation at all cost, be very descriptive in your description and don’t let the cancellations add up. :slight_smile: