Canceling an order?


Recently I have had to cancel a few orders. A.) Because they would misrepresent the gig before ordering. I had someone tell me they needed me to make a few calls, which is in my description and I’m fine with. However, when I received the list of phone numbers, it was well over 1500 phone calls to make for a one hour gig. B.) They would order the gig without messaging me first, which I list in my profile to do so and it would turn out to be something that isn’t even in my gig description. Or I just didn’t have the time because of other orders. ( I like to schedule all of my gigs out in my planner.) C.) Even after numerous messages they would not respond with the proper information in order to complete the gig and time ran out.

Well today I had Example C happen. I know that cancellation rates can hurt me when it comes to level promotions. My question is this: How do I stop this from happening? I have only been actively using Fiverr for less than a month, and I feel like I have already had too many cancellations.


Reply to @levinewman: Yes, you should have seen the expression on my face! Lol. I did message back saying I could do some of them, but when I didn’t hear back I cancelled the order.


Wow…1500 calls. That’s above and beyond a $5 gig, haha.


Reply to @mickeyforpres: I get people like that too. There are writers on Fiverr that will give you 1,500 words for $5—that’s not even remotely what I do as a professional business writer—and I have to tell people all the time that it’s not something I do.

Sidebar: If someone is giving you 1,500 words for $5…that content has been spun hardcore and isn’t unique content in the slightest.


As long as you both agree on the cancellation it won’t hurt you.

You can’t stop cancellations though, make new gig in another niche for less cancellations. But they are always coming. Recently I had 10 buyers “ordered my gigs by mistake” within a week. Annoying.


Reply to @kreativa: Okay! Thank you! All of the ones that I have had, have been mutual. That makes me a little less worried.


I am having the same problem! I just started using this site and yesterday was my first day. It’s infuriating.