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Canceling order 2 months after payement.?

here is my concern I did a job in July with a client and I was paid as agreed
however I just received a notification; that the order was canceled today, and the customer requested a refund knowing he was satisfied with the job, and it’s been two months now
the client also blocked me without explanation and recovered the sum of my account without discussion or contact
is that a scam?
can you help as the client had all my work, and he paid for that 2 months ago; cause I can’t even check his profile?

thank you


Contact customer support and explain you’re situation

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He is probably trying to scam you. This happens very often on fiverr. I hope support will help

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thank you for the answer
i did 12 times revision , took me 3 days and even not complained ;
he did give 5* and now scaming me …
what an …

yet nothing has been done by fiverr to solve this issue as it seems to me :disappointed:
These types of buyers come, scam sellers and get free stuff.

Contact customer support immediately.
I think Fiver isn’t friendly with seller at all😶

yep thats what i did
i also contacted the site hoster ; and the FB page (mybe he is not the owner , just a reseller of my work

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if he opened dispute via payment bank, fiverr will close the dispute and add that balance to your account with 7 days Pending Clearance. btw, you can ask it from CS

1-email to the site hoster sent
2-Fb page/IG page found, and his true profile btw

will update asap , just to help futur victimes to know what to do or not
thank you all
3-he is from tripoli Libya , found him on paypal , may be i can contact the CS there


“Contact support” is so cute)). She has already helped him by canceling an order with a 5-star rating, which was closed 2 months ago)). Write to support with a support complaint? Not a site, but just a wonderland)))

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i m trying literally every possible ways to get my money back from that scamer ,
hope to find a solution , its not about money its all about the steal of my time and work

I understand you, my friend had 2 such situations. But he did not receive the money back from Fiverr, although probably 3 months have passed since the orders were canceled, and the total time must have been 4 months. Here is such a wonderful site for freelancing)). I hope you succeed and wish you good luck !!

hope so ;
sorry for your friend ; :confused:

17 days after i contacted the fiverr support ; they dont even reply (just a hold on générique message)