Canceling order issue


Hi all,
Recently I have got a work to solve website speedup issue. After getting that order I solved his issue I make his website faster than before, but the problem is his wordoress website and admin panel is too slow because of cheap and poor hosting. but I have done my work with showing him gtmatrix and pindom result then I told him to talk with hosting provider to solve this issue slow admin panel issue.

after that he said I am cancelling my order… but I have work really hard to speedup his website and showing him the result,if he solve hosting related issue he can easily understand my work…

but this is too pathetic to see my order is not accepted!! still now he hang on my delivered work… and he doesnot accept or canceling it… what should I do now?


Your gig says ‘Boosting your Website Speed Up to 75% to 95%’.

If you achieved that then you’ve done your job and deserve to be paid. If you didn’t then you need to cancel and refund.

Added - it doesn’t matter where your buyer comes from - please remove it from your post. :sunny:.


You can easily get your point across without including the Buyer’s nationality.

That’s just unnecessary! :pineapple:


The hosting can cause it to be slow but the admin panel has nothing to do with how fast the site loads.

Usually it’s only slow if he gets an unreasonable amount of traffic on most hosting services, or if the code is badly written.

But as offlinehelpers said, if you can’t make it as you describe in your gig, you need to give him a refund, no matter what is causing it to be slow.


I don’t know about mentioning nationality is out of term and condition . Pardon me.I wont do that again


Sorry for that @nikavoice


I got your point thanks again !


No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have an awesome day!


Yes if you achieved that seed then you are done and dashboard matter is not your concern I think. Site speed up for SEO purpose is a front-end issue, not back-end issue. But some buyers unfortunately not enough techy. So you can try to explain and convince the buyer.
Wish you all the best… best of luck.


thanks a lot. finally I got 5 star review… I had to make understand him… now he got my point and accept the order :grin::grin::grin:




The admin panel can make it slow if the client in question is using quite a lot of plugins. On top of that, many plugins are very resource intensive and can considerably impact site speed.


I have check all plugin. there are no problem with plugin its maybe hosting related issue


Could be, I was just stating a potential issue. Anyways, your issue got solved so good going!


congratulations bro…


Welcome brother ! @wayesparash !