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Canceling order will hurt my business?

Hi, my buyer ordered twice the same gig by mistake and now I have to cancel one in order he could get his money back.
As I am pretty much new and growing my business here, I am afraid this will affect my reputation and work.
What is the best way to solve this without hurting my Completion rate? I am expecting these days to go to Level 1, will this prevent me from gaining Level 1?
Will this put my gig lower and further so make it harder to find me ?
Please, anyone’s experience


It does affect your order completion rate and this is indeed one of the criteria to be promoted/demoted.

Currently all cancellations count towards your order completion rate, so not a whole lot you can do about it.

I’ve only ever have 2 cancellations, but I remember my daily requests dried up a bit for a week or so after the cancellations, but it could only be a coincidence, as I never actually search my own gigs and I have no idea where they are falling in the searches.

Follow this link to see where you’re standing, in order to be promoted all the bars should be green.

Good luck

Thank you,

well yes, all the bars are green at the moment and on the 15th when is evaluation I should earn new Level. But after I cancel this order it means that my completion rate will not be green (100% ) anymore , this is why I am concerned.
And losing customers too…

So, nothing I can do about it?
I thought there is way to cancel this in some other way not impacting my completion rate…I don’t know
Seems to me this is not fair, as nothing was my fault.
I wrote to support but no answer