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Canceling Orders--specifically FRAGGLESROCK

Why do sellers cancel the order??? It is so frustrating when I put time into an order and the seller decides to cancel it !!! I am referring to “FRAGGLESROCK” who did not even give an explanation as to why he was canceling the order–probably because we were not agreeing to do it in HD (which did not look any better than his normal work). It is super frustrating and has given me a horrible experience with this particular designer. I will never recommend FRAGGLESROCK to ANYONE!

Sheriffs Note: Please, no calling out, it isn’t cool

  1. Andrew, if I may ask, are you new to Fiverr?

  2. Your post above, sounds like you’re new, so I’ll assume it.

    As a “veteran” of many buys (with many different sellers), I can tell you that there are several GOOD reasons a Seller might choose to cancel, mid-order.

    And even more surprising, a couple of those reasons could be of benefit to YOU. :slight_smile:

There is a bug I’m aware of and I’m not sure if most sellers/buyers are aware of it or at least it happens with my account.

When you cancel the order, the seller can type a message to explain why (actually I think the seller has to type a message). When done, you submit the cancellation along with the message, but guess what ? The message is never sent.

I don’t how many times I have submitted a cancellation and the buyer comes back and asks me why. At first I would say “did you read the message I sent” and their reply usually is “what message”.

This is only one of several bugs Fiverr could be working on but for some reason when reported, I never get a reply.

As far as why he/she cancelled the reasons could be many. For me, I’m here to make money so for me to cancel there has to be a good reason to do so.

Reply to @steveeyes: Thank you SE, for explaining the ONE part I didn’t know - that the Seller MAY have given a reason - yet the Buyer never sees it.

I just had to cancel with a buyer because after ordering my service he decided to hire someone else - perhaps to fit his budget and timeframe without paying extra… I was never told this until I FINALLY asked him what he wanted to do… I was told he got someone else to do it and it was already done… Gee thanks!

I would probably say bad buyer avoided… but that just burns me up!