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Canceling the dispute

Hello Everyone,
I am new to Seller on fiverr. Recently I got an order with delivery time of 8 days. I have completed my work in 3 days and delivered it.
The buyer asked me there are some functionalities missing. So, he put a revision on it. And after some changes I again delivered him the next day.
Here I got a problem, the buyer now opened a dispute to cancel that which I declined. And Now he does not reply me back about that. I think the order should be auto-completed till now as it’s now 3 days. I have not receive any autocomplete notification and the gig is in delivered section. What should I suppose to do now?

Wait for the order to auto-complete. It will, but it is 3 days to the hour of your last delivery, so I imagine it will auto-complete in mere hours, depending on when exactly it was submitted.

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Yeah its auto completed now finally. Can the buyer now cancel it again?

Not unless they go to CS. They reserve the right to do it up to 14 days (and technically more, though ToS says that number). Who knows how likely that is in this case.

They can cancel via CS now.
If you delivered not what was advertised in your gig or broke any rules along the way, they have a strong case on their hands.
If everything is neat and tidy on your end, they still might get their cancellation granted, if you get unlucky.

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Well So hoping for the best.

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