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Cancellation After Delivery Accepted

A few weeks ago, I got my most significant order yet and was thrilled. It was a lengthy opinion article where I had to watch two movies and write my opinions of the two. The buyer and I were in constant communication, and they said they loved my work but asked for revisions to add more paragraphs after the initial delivery. Adding more sections added more words than they had paid for, but I didn’t want them to cancel or leave a bad review. I made the revisions and redelivered before the deadline. A day went by, and it was silence, no acceptance, no review. I sent a follow-up message asking if my delivery had met their needs and if not to contact me immediately. Well, the three days went by, and the order was auto-accepted by the system.

Two days ago I got an email stating the customer service team had canceled the order, and to review the reason for the cancelation to click the link. Well, I clicked the link, and there is no reason. I responded via support ticket asking how the order can be canceled after the buyer said my writing was exactly what they were looking for. All Fiverr had to say in response is that the cancellation is irreversible and I should read their article on how to avoid cancellations. Oh, and of course they say the buyer is “not allowed” to use my delivery.

What does Fiverr do to protect my intellectual property once an order has been canceled? How was I to ever see this coming? I did everything in my power to make sure the buyer and I were on the same page throughout the process. This is so frustrating!


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Hi there,
It’s the most frustrating feeling ever. Sorry for your loss.
We can do nothing in such cases as it is impossible for us to revert the cancellation. But what you can do is that if you know any details about the buyer’s website or the platform where he/she was going to publish the article then you can check there and contact the respective authority by yourself. If the buyer is using your work then you can use that proof in your case to customer support. I have seen a case in my local community when the client was using his work even after the cancellation. In that case they refunded the seller. Point is that he was top rated and a well renowned seller in that niche.
Sometimes some sick minded clients use that Paypal refund trick after a big project. Even Fiverr cant do anything is such case.
Be calm, find something if you can to make your case strong.
Otherwise, you can just take it as a lesson or hard day and start again.

It looks likes you got just an automated response from them. I think I would ask to escalate this matter and say that everything was delivered as promised in your gig and therefore this order could not be cancelled based on fiverr TOS

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keep trying, communicating and convincing them, after little struggle hope you will be able to get your amount back. We have many cases who got their amount back.