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Cancellation after getting all the files is so bad!

I worked on Fiverr last 3 year. There are some good experience and some bad experience also. But recently 2019 i faced so much time cancellation problems. At first client approaches what they need. After communications and sharing details i send the proper offer what client needs. Then i start my work. Deliver time to time. Most of clients happy to see design, if they need they give me changes, after that they happily take their design and some of them promises they will come back. But recently i faced some problems. After buying the gig, some clients asking for cancellation without any communication just saying the work is not high quality but the work was same to same what they need or sometimes they wanted to cancel the gig just because they don’t want any more the design. This is not fare. I worked hard, delivered my files and getting all the files, some clients just wanted to cancel. At the end they don’t want to listen or try to understand the seller problem and some times they threaten to report my profile. So there are no options to clarify seller side. Some of them behave with seller so rude and insulted so much. But we, seller guys have to tolerate them just because we don’t have any other options. That clients didn’t give a pinch of value to the designers, is that okay? My gig effected so much for that cancellations, got to the back footed. Then i have to work 1 month to recover all these stuff. But no one listen to the seller.
If any anyone had experience like this you can share with me.

No we don’t have to.
It’s written I. Fiverr TOS that orders are not eligible for cancellation based on the quality of work.
And when I had clients like that fiverr was always on my side.

If someone starting threatening you, you should immediately contact fiverr support and report that behaviour. Fiverr is very strict with the blackmailing and if someone threatens to report you to get your design for free they might block their profile right away.

It looks like you are just very scared of CS and never even tried to ask for their help


Thanks a lot for sharing this details, i will keep this in my mind next time.