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Cancellation and impact on gigs


Sorry if this has been posted before. I can delete it if needed. Last week, I received a gig for data entry, my first data entry gig and I was pretty stoked. It was for $45 and a 24-hour turnaround. I received basic instructions on what to do, but nothing to work on. No documents, spreadsheets or websites. I sent the buyer a message shortly after the order was made where I asked if she could attach the documents she wanted me to work on. No response. Twelve hours later, I sent another message because we were at the deadline halfway mark. Again, no response.

I submitted a dispute to Fiverr which was resolved a few days later. The order was cancelled due to the buyer not responding to any communication, and since it’s my only data entry gig, my cancellation rate is at 100%. Will that cancellation rate be dropped because I involved Fiverr Support? I’m just assuming it won’t, because the statistic is correct, though through no fault of mine.


How did you submit a dispute?

  1. did you make a Paypal dispute? That is the worst kind that gets an account closed.
  2. did you ask CS to cancel the order themselves? That is the good kind.
  3. did you use the Resolve button to ask your buyer to cancel and waited 2 days to automatically cancel? I wouldn’t recommend doing that since I’ve heard it’s considered a rather forced cancellation.

If it was the second or third option, the cancellation rate will decrease if you don’t have enough orders to balance the ratio to your advantage. If you have lots of orders and just a cancellation, it probably won’t decrease (any cancellation, mutual or not, can affect the cancellation rate, but it always depends on each one’s completed/canceled ratio)

If it was the first option, then the cancellation ratio will disappear together with the account as Paypal disputes are against the ToS :frowning:


When I was about an hour or two away from deadline, I submitted a dispute to the buyer that went unanswered for 24 hours. After that, I contacted customer service to have them take a look at it. Customer service contacted me and told me to wait an additional 24-48 hours just to see if the buyer would respond and if the buyer did not, I should let customer service know so they could cancel it. Buyer did not respond, and I did what I was told by CS who cancelled the order.


If you are certain that CS cancelled your order and they actually confirmed that they’ve cancelled it, then everything should be OK, although like I said, every cancellation whether mutual or not is considered a cancellation, and may result in a decrease of your cancellation rate depending on your orders completed/cancelled ratio within the last 60 days.


Thanks man, greatly appreciated.