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Cancellation % and levels - Whats your Opinion on this?

Sellers - Whats your Opinion on this?

We have lots of rules to maintain our levels…
But % cancellation is most challenging to maintain for 60 days for Technology Gigs

I/Many mean I work on mainly on custom orders which means there would be one/less number of orders - say for $500 or $200 etc., (instead of 20 orders to get that revenue)
so because of that, thenumber of orders with respect to revenue earned is less.

**So dont you think that percentage calculation needs to take the "

Weighted Average

" instead of just a average…**

End of the day - concept of

  1. Custom order (at-least for technology Gig’s)
  2. Milestone order either…

is not met

If I work on $500 project and get 1 order for that and 1 order for $5… (for 60 days)
and if one of them cancels… then % of cancellation would be 50 and lose a level and need to wait a month to get it back… not to mentioned - If make $1000’s but still keep order rate low -

( I agree that if that is a $500 cancellation then the impact is more)

How can we justify the % cancellation…? and loss a level or gain a level…
(Guess we need some other metrics other than a simple average for this…)



Every time things change, I’ve had to evaluate what I do and the gigs I offer.

I don’t make more on a $500.00 order than I do on a $5.00. One order takes $500.00 of time and the other take $5.00 worth of time. I removed most of my large offers. For instance, I have created more than 2000 whiteboard videos, but right now, I don’t offer those. They were high dollar, time consuming, and I could not always predict the amount of creative revision that would be needed. I maintained 100% satisfaction. It would just require time. You are penalized for taking more time. If you deliver the first version in time you are good on Fiverr. Revisions can continue after the deadline and the customer loves the process and engagement in making their product perfect. But you are not getting the next orders finished if you are stuck on the revisions of previous orders.

When Fiverr started tracking and penalizing for these stats, I also moved to taking half the orders and extending delivery times. That also cut my revenue from Fiverr in half. I couldn’t risk the change in my Fiverr account. I don’t have tight delivery options. I don’t often do 24 hours. My delivery offers are twice what I think my schedule will take.

A major key to making it work, Is designing a situation where you are doing 75 to 150 orders a month. That way 1 or 2 challenging customers will not hose the account. Repeat customers are less risky. You can predict what they are going to do. 80% of my orders are from customers that order once or twice a week.

Your account looks like things are going well for you. I would add some small offers that still maintain the hourly wage you are wanting to get and look for offers that are natural repeat orders.


Thanks … the Suggestions are nice…

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