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Cancellation Difficulties Due to No Conduct on My Part


I’ve only had 3 cancellations on orders from Buyers during my time here on the site. One was a legitimate difference of opinion between me and the Buyer. However, the other 2 were instances where the Buyer placed orders unilaterally without discussing the task with me first and ensuring that I could deliver and after a discussion of the price. I have restrictions on my gig as to the amount of work I will do for $5, and yet people ignore that. After the first 2 unnecessary cancellations, I placed a request on my gigs that the Buyer not placed any orders until we agree on terms. I’ve been through this with Customer Svc and they tell me that cancellations of any sort negatively impact my performance statistics. I now have another Buyer who refuses to withdraw his order or unilaterally cancel it. It is ridiculous that he will not cooperate, particularly since I just had surgery and have not yet fully recuperated.

Is there a way to contact Customer Service to address such problems? I keep getting a message to mutually cancel the order which definitely counts against me.


Mutual cancellations have no effect on you at all.

Forced cancellations do. Unless CS does it.

In my experience. Asking buyers to contact you before ordering your gig does not work.

For lots of reasons. But mainly because English is not some peoples first language. They read your gig title and order the gig. A lot of times even if they do read the description they don’t fully understand it. So they just order.

Not in all cases, but in most, in my opinion… it’s best to clearly state your gig in 5 dollar terms. If there are things you won’t do for 5 bucks then don’t have them in your gig. Have them as an extra that does NOT appear in the main description.

The simpler the better. That way people will order the gig for 5 bucks on it’s most basic terms. And then they’ll see the gig extras after.


Mutual cancellations affect your eligibility for levels but not your actual rating. However, too many and a high percentage does show up on your profile. In this case, I’d suggest putting up with the mutual cancellation and focus on completing more orders to create a lower percentage in the future (yes, easier said than done sometimes but it is possible)


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thanks much. You have taken a very reasonable approach to this situation, which I ordinarily would. There were two things that set me off here. First, I just had surgery and told this individual that I had surgery and was still recuperating, and he acted like I should have removed my gig if I was not willing to do the work. Having encountered this situation previously, I had the “Do Not Place Order before Discussion” request on my gig. However, I think that you are right about the English as a second language issue, since he has totally ignored the fact that a request was made on the gig to not place the order without discussing it with me.

Another thing. I had this same situation twice before, and Customer Service at first denied that mutual cancellations counted against me, but once they conducted further research, came back, and said that they would. I’ve only had 3 cancellations out of roughly 60 orders. Only one was justified, and the other 2 were mutual cancellations after the failure of the Buyer to communicate with me ahead of time. My statistics still reflect that cancellations constitute 4% of my orders.


Reply to @aingham69: Thanks also goes to you for a level headed approach to this situation. I’m typically pretty level-headed and provide comments in the same tone as you did. In this instance, I strongly suspect that the Buyer’s native tongue is not English, and that this explains his or her failure to heed my request to discuss the matter with me before placing the order. I think what also bothers me is that in the case of the other 2 mutual cancellations into which I was forced, the people were nice and cooperative. This most recent person acts as if it was my fault for not being able (due to surgery recuperation) to deliver his product, despite my explicit written request to not place orders without discussing them with me first. At any rate, it is time to move on.

As for the effect of mutual cancellations, I went through this with a Customer Service person extensively a couple of weeks ago. At first, they advised me that mutual cancellations did not count against me. They actually came back and said that they were mistaken, and that they did, and that there was nothing currently in the software which would allow them to treat it otherwise.

Thanks again.