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Cancellation dispute

So recently I’ve me and a seller had a mutual agreement on cancel (I requested) due to the fact that I wasn’t satisfy with the result, in this case the way the order was done. However afterwards he quickly changed minds and decided to ask me for money and told me that my reasons are invalid to him, then he sent me screenshots of him reporting me to fiverr to try to close my account. What are some ways to deal with this behavior


Send a ticket to fiverr support immediately, with all prove of chat, order conversation etc.


You don’t really have to do anything. Everything on Fiverr is already set in your favor as a buyer.
CS will tell him that they can’t force you to accept the delivery. If they see inapropriate behavior or ToS violations in your interaction, they might even go ahead and punish him.
The worst he can do is keep this order in dispute for a long time.
But in that case you can contact the CS yourself and they will cancel on your behalf.


Also keep in mind that “I wasn’t satisfied” is indeed not a valid reason to cancel as per fiverr TOS that both you and you seller signed.

You can cancel the order if seller didn’t deliver as promised (eg he promised 5 banners and delivered only 3) or of course if fiverr support will deem your cancellation request acceptable.


the order is already canceled mutually, he started giving me attitude after we mutually agreed to cancel he changed his mind

[quote=“thefirstnerd, post:5, topic:548241, full:true”]
there was miss communication in the process that’s all it was
[/quote]there was miss communication in the process that’s all it was

Well, then he can’t do anything about it now, CS is very unlikely to do anything about it, unless there was some serious ToS violation on your part. If the whole interaction gets nasty you can block and/or report him.

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