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Cancellation due to violation of TOS


Recently I’ve had to mutual cancel an order that was proven to be containing academic help. However, despite violation of TOS, it affected my Completion rate (which is 0% now as that was my only order up to now).

I’ve messaged it to the support 3 days ago, unfortunately never heard from them, which is dissapointing. Is this how it supposed to work? Isn’t it unfair for us to get punished for an order that violates TOS?

Next time something like that happens, ask Customer Support to cancel the order for you without affecting your stats.

Sometimes they accept to do that.

I have actually done that, also informed user that I won’t do the job. However Customer Support looks somehow unresponsive.

You said it was a mutual cancellation, so it wasn’t done by Customer Support.

CS sometimes takes a day or two to respond, but it might be worth it to wait for them to cancel instead of doing it yourself.

So your completion rate was 0 and it’s still 0 so no harm done.

It was probably N/A before and is now 0% so now (or if it’s counted as a cancellation in the stats) it will affect promotion to level 1 as well as probably affect search ranking.

All he needs is to complete one order for it to be at 100%. Or maybe two orders. At any rate it’s not a real loss either way.

Not if that cancellation really has affected stats. No, even 2 won’t make it go to 100% or 90%. You’d need 9 more I think in the last 60 days all completed for it to be 90%.

edit: Or less if you complete some and then wait and it will increase slowly, but that will take >60 days.

Your’e right! Even with 4 orders it would only be at 80%. He needs to start over. Or hopefully CS will set his rate back to the beginning. It’s actually to his advantage to have no level though since they promote those more.

I’m pretty sure it was N/A before, not 0%. I’m just unhappy that trying to follow TOS and ethics can damage you.

I find it quite sad that I still didn’t hear from Customer Service for my two tickets on subject. It makes me feel ignored.