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Cancellation FOR ANY REASON Drops your Rate! - read

I just exchanged some 10 messages with “Support” (you know how it goes:“oh, we are so sorry that you experience issues, but there is of course, nothing we will do to make your seller life - who btw makes our living - any easier, but thank you”!)
In short, I had an issue with a buyer who didn’t read my gig description - so he purchased a basic order, requested all the extras, and when I told him that’s not included and he would have to pay more, he got upset and requested cancellation. It lowered my completion rate (??!). I contacted support asking about it, they told me that ANY cancellation, for ANY reason WILL RESULT in lowering completion rate.

So, I asked this: If I have specified that I offer 2 revisions and a buyer asks for 5, so I stop giving him more revisions, which results in a buyer asking for a cancellation, what happens then? (answer: It WILL RESULT in lowering your completion rate. )

Then I asked this: Let’s say I sell apples and someone purchases my gig, asking for oranges, so I cancel the gig (while checking “buyer asks for services not offered” field in the request form), am I protected then? (answer: It WILL RESULT in lowering your completion rate. ) Take a minute to process.

So, I asked why we even bother writing gig descriptions and create rules and extras? Fiverr don’t have ANY mechanism (or wish) to enforce them on unreasonable buyers who want everything for nothing. We get punished for people not reading description, asking for too much, or even asking for impossible. They can ask a CEO expert to master his mp3 song, and if you don’t do it, you’ll get punished!

Why then having to select reasons for cancelation, when there’s no difference?

Now if some jealous competitor (or anyone else) wants to sabotage my Fiverr account, he can just order services, save all of his money by cancelling, but screw me - which will soon enough lower my completion rate (and my Seller’s Level as well). - I asked “support” about this one too. It’s like arguing with a tree.

Any request for support is a closed loop where nothing gets resolved, they have no power to do anything other to copy/paste heartbreaking replies about how sorry they are. I asked support for someone with ANY decision making powers to talk to - but they hide their management like Jimmy Hoffa.

All this time, sellers (who work hard to make their living and that same support’s living too) are left unprotected, and even are forced NOT to cancel gigs in order to preserve their rate (and to make Fiverr their 20%). Wow! Just WOW!


Spot on, @paintings.

Like she said, whenever I contact CS about an orange-demanding buyer that’s conveniently overlooked the fact that I sell apples, I get some variation of this - “We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller, and we can totally understand your point, but all cancellations are factored into your account’s statistics. Even if the Buyer reaches out to Support, the cancellation would still be reflected, as we’re not able to manually remove any cancellation.”

Understanding is cool, Fiverr. But then again, my partner does that part just fine.

What you could understand, is one of the prime standpoints of many sellers on this site - for you to find a way to NOT factor those kinds of cancellations into the account’s statistics. Or maybe give us a minimum number of mutually cancelled orders every month that don’t affect the stats. That solution has been put forth on this forum time and again. Suppose if we didn’t have St.Levels Day to worry about every month, we’d breathe a little easier. But no such luck. Every single cancellation, even if it’s a mistake on the buyer’s part, chips away at us.

We understand that there are probably a million + sellers on this site. We also understand that automation is THE best way to keep everything running smoothly from your end because manually, it just cannot be done. All we’re asking for are ways or provisions (within this automation) to ensure that sellers don’t get penalized all the time for mistakes that are 100% not their fault. Especially in the cases where the buyer orders oranges, I sell (very obviously stated) apples and he/she is proven to be either blind or hard-of-understanding.

We also get that you, despite being called customer support, can’t do much, really. It is the system that has no room for any consideration. But the reason we still end up contacting you is that we’re still clinging on to the hope that you guys can objectively evaluate if something is awry from the buyer’s side, input it into the system and do what’s right by us sellers, I guess.

While we do appreciate your responses (both the generic cut-copy-pasted ones or the slightly more empathetic ones), talking to you guys nowadays about these matters (especially wrongful ordering on the buyer’s part) is literally like what she said - arguing with a tree.

Please take note of this and factor it into your changes.
We’d really appreciate it if you could cut us some slack when we rightfully deserve said slack to be cut.


Fiverr is heading towards a big disaster.


Very true, and well said. I think they probably get their coders on Fiverr too - so there’s only so much they can honestly do without breaking the page - that includes their not so smart AI. My Level2 dropped several time back to 1 because of such things (and also because of me not reporting spam messages right away). We work our tails off to keep the level up, and then it goes down because of some unreasonable people who can so easily screw us up (while we don’t get any protection from the company that should stand in our defense and build bunkers and stone walls for our protection. After all we make their living and Fiverr is getting so much competition now (payperhour, envato studio and many others). There is only so much stress we can handle. We all have personal lives, and stress with everything else - we don’t need it here, only because Fiverr can’t get their stuff right. Unfortunately I think greed is a big factor. While every other marketplace invests in 2025+ technology, Fiverr is hiring the the most questionable personnel, programmers, support that resembles popular Dell tech support from the 2000’s, and has copy/paste-ready answers to everything. (they don’t even make sure that fiverr works in different browsers - I complained that it breaks in Safari, they already had a paste-ready reply about Fiverr being made for Chrome (but they did express a huge deal of sorrow for my troubles). And that’s happening in 2018. What else to say? It’s a great platform for talent and service exchange, but lead poorly, and I am afraid it may implode if not approached seriously and if they don’t recognize problems and issues sellers face daily. It’s not all about AI, statistics, badly calculated analytics. We’re humans and we need attention, not robots to tell us how we’ve became a Level 1 seller for cancelation issues (but hoping that we can get there again if we only push hard). YEYYY…


I know, it is non-sense, someone orders and doesn’t know what it orders, then wants to cancel and you get penalized, non-sense.


this is the most worst thing on Fiverr for seller


One of the biggest issues I’ve been facing that Fiverr needs to work on is us sellers being punished for a buyer’s ignorance.

A buyer buys your gig - they want a million things that you do not offer. The order is cancelled. Who gets punished? The seller.

A buyer buys your gig. They did not read the gig description. Buyer leaves a negative review that could of easily been resolved if they just had initially read your description. Who gets punished? The seller.

Fiverr really needs to work on and address these issues before implementing anything new on this site.


… and the sad part is - a buyer has NO IDEA how devastating their cancellation might be to a seller.
Buyers contantly order something I don’t provide - and my gig says so very clearly… and when I ask if they read my gig description before ordering, I most often get “Oh sorry I didn’t see that…I’ll just cancel”…
JUST cancel!? :expressionless:


It’s not the buyer’s problem. Why not penalize the buyer for cancelling if anyone is to be punished? Certainly it is not our fault if the buyer has to cancel or made a mistake.

We were told that the staff is well aware of the problem but is anything going to be done about it?


I was always under impression that we can complain to support in such situations, and that they will check the gig, conversation with buyer and eventually decide in sellers favor, cancelling gig, or not letting the buyer cancel if delivered properly. But support itself told me that that’s not the case. Sellers literally have no protection whatsoever. Everyone can lower everyone’s rate in a day with a few fake and canceled orders. Fiverr don’t see anything wrong there as long as they get their 20%. In case of cancellation they punish sellers because they won’t make money. It’s sad that we work hard for years building some trust and good rating with zero appreciation from the platform itself. I had 5000 successfully delivered, 5-star gigs and some 10 bad ones that lowered my rate a few times. Very frustrating.


I have just had to cancel a $70 order. The buyer didn’t messageme in advance, didn’t include any order details, and instead send a fake Google Drive link to supposedly see their order details in Google document format.

This is the third phishing attempt I have been targeted with on Fiverr in less than a month. It is completely and utterly ridiculous how I will now get punished for this with fewer orders and poorer search visibility.

This is why any seller with a modicum of intelligence will never touch things like Fiverr Learn with a barge pole. I don’t even try to avoid or find ways around cancellations like this anymore. Whatever you do, you just end up trapped in a scammer/ spammer/ idiot time loop of massive stress.


We’re in the process of cancelling a $50 order.

Our gigs make it extremely clear that Commercial Usage is required if our Voiceover is advertising a product or service. We repeat the instructions in the FAQ, and once more in the Requirements. So yesterday we get an order out of nowhere advertising a financial trading training course, with the buyer claiming it wasn’t advertising anything.

We disputed, sent the gig extra, and the buyer has been online multiple times in the last 12 hours but refuses to respond to the request.

The problem with this, is it isn’t like we can only deliver what they’ve paid for. If they had underpaid for words it would be easy, we would record and send a shorter file, covering what they had purchased. But in order to complete this gig, we’d have to give them the file, knowing full well they’re going to use it commercially without paying. That’s not fair on us, or the 99% of our clients who respect this method of working.

We’re not fussed about the $50, but we know as well as anyone about cancellation rates/search placement etc. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one, with the buyer having all of the leverage.


I have tried contacting their CEO several times, over email, on facebook, linkedin but no reply or any progress. When I contact Envato CEO over an issue, he at leasts reply and forward the conversation to someone from upper management I can give suggestions to. They changed a few things because of that and it works for everyone. Fiverr however don’t work on issues sellers suggest. Instead they introduce things like lowering our levels and rates. Very cool


A cancellation plus a TOS warning minus levels - minus money.

Yes, I got a warning because I refused to work with a very rude buyer after they exhausted all their revisions. This buyer contacted support, got work for free(3 versions actually) and I got a warning with a level down.

Thanks Support, you guys were always there when I was doing so well.

This is really irritating. I got an order cancelled by a buyer with no fault from my side and buyer understood that it was his fault but I have to pay the price as my order completion drop from 90 to 88. Sellers have serious insecurity. The business they built with a day night hard work can be sabotage in a few moments if a crazy competitor wants to do so…


It’s Bad idea to contact CS because as usual they are taking only buyer side.So what i suggest to you Give warning to your buyer that this Gig will be not Cancelling anyhow because it will effecting my ranking & because of your fault i can’t effecting my ranking. so i will deliver your order which is my scope of work.But i will not accepting your cancellation request.

And then just deliver it.If, Buyer make revision redeliver again until buyer not accepting your order.

After this buyer will give negative review ofcourse But as per the Fiverr new rules you or other buyer OR seller can’t be seen review until you don’t give feedback.So you will not give you feedback to buyer so that way you will safe your profile without effecting your account.

And never ever give up front of BUYER! If it’s not your fault.From next time never contact To CS If you face this type of issues.

Hi there,
an abusive and harassing person cancelled the other on 25 th October, than today, although I delivered an original content, my astrological text, for only 5 dollars. But after an exhausting conflict here I raised prices in order to stop them contacting me. Now my question is how many times the client can click abusing the button’’ cancel’’ without any reason… if he knows to write better texts, he is free to do that himself not to go around expecting people to work without money

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Are you saying you have a buyer who repeatedly buys from you then cancels after you’ve delivered the work? If this is the case, you should absolutely report them to customer service, as this is most definitely against the terms of service, and repeatedly doing this would result in the buyer being banned from the site.

Hi everyone,
he bought one gig on 25 th, than cancelled, I refused, then support long correspondence then again today I see his cancellation… How many times can one click ‘’ cancel’’ for a delivered , properly delivered work, for abusive reasons( it doesn’t match his style, way of how he imagined the text)

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Ah, I see.

Opinion about how to handle this differs greatly on the forum. Many people will tell you to never cancel for work you’ve completed, which is generally how we handle these kind of situations. If we cancel, which is rare, it’s only for orders we’ve yet to begin work on.

But if he’s talking to customer service about this, there’s a lot of evidence on the forum that suggests customer service could grant him the cancellation. If he’s given you a negative rating, that rating would still stand, and you’d obviously lose the money from the order. Keep in mind that if he’s extremely unhappy and feels that CS don’t give him what he wants, he might even try a chargeback via PayPal.

It’s a tricky situation. If you do decide to grant the cancellation, you can at least now block him, meaning he can’t contact you or order from you again in the future. I don’t know all the details… but maybe you’d be better chalking this one up to experience and moving on?

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