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Cancellation Frustration Grrrrrrrrr

So, yesterday… I get an order from a “Top Rated” buyer (you know the amazing ones with the gold :crown: crowns?.. :eyes:) It was a music promo. Buyer wasn’t paying for me to write the ad.(and an ad is absolutely mandatory - along with the link or they’ll get very little response) … so I replied with out new- auto - response indicating to him I needed the ad, as requested in my gig description, which subsequently started the order. This requirement is also exceedingly clear in the prompts after a buyer purchased that gig. In fact, I basically write the ad for them, if they didn’t submit requirement by saying "Your ad should look something like this “Check out this new song by… BLAH BLAH BLAH…” So, writing the ad is simple… pretty much fill in the blanks.

Anyways, this buyer wrote back with just the artist’s name and song URL. I responded again, and suggested to him that this gig requires an ad, and if you didn’t order one from me, you need to submit one for best results, on social media. I explained that with no ad, there is nothing prompting potential listeners to want to check out his song… pretty much common sense, IMO. I also attached a screen shot of the requirement, which says this:

“In regards to your ad - if you were posting this on twitter or social network- what would you say to catch the audience attention? ie: “Check out this new song ___________ by _________ …+ LINK TO SONG”
Cover photo - optional.”
Note: If you want me to write your ad it costs - order my extra"

To which he responded

“Okay so what do you even want me to do I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me”

Umm…??? Seriously? :eyes:

My response was that if he didn’t submit an as as is required, and things didn’t work out - as far as a successful campaign, he’d be back complaining, so it’s better to submit an ad… to which he responded

“No if I get poor results I’ll ask for my money back point blank period”

I told him that he needed to familiarize himself with fiverr’s TOS regarding refunds… and that he wouldn’t be eligible for a refund, especially since he’s failing to submit the requirements for me to be successful with his campaign.

He then said - he wanted to cancel.

I asked him why he didn’t want to submit requirements - and received no response. I then got ahold of CS, and explained to them what was happening, and that the buyer has put me in a Catch 22 - either post the ad, and get a bad review and or he asks CS to cancel (so I work for free) both of which affect me badly, no fault of my own.

CS response was:

"Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had difficulties with your buyer.

However, we cannot force your buyer to accept the order if they have issues with it, so you will need to persuade the buyer to accept your work, or negotiate for an agreement with your buyer."


“I do understand your frustration but we can’t force the buyer to provide the requirement if they do not want to. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Suggestions please anyone? :angry::no_mouth: I am about as frustrated as I can get right now… I am not equipped to deal with buyers who have spoiled brat entitlement issues - which I think may be the case, and he expects me to write up his ad… and frankly I don’t want to deal with him at all at this point,.


I encourage you to cancel the order.

No stress. No worry. 1 less review.

This is clearly someone - regardless of their badge title - taking advantage of a full service when paying for something smaller.


you can contact Fiverr Seller suport team, and they can fix the problem, and you dont get bad reviews or anything


CS says the same to all of us sellers who are having difficulty with a buyer. From my experience, if he wants to cancel you don’t have a choice but to cancel. That’s the way even if you didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t get the full information you needed. He will get the chance to cancel before you do the work or after (and then you just wasted your time). So my advice, is to do yourself a favore, cancel it now before you will waste precious time and money (and will do, as you can say- work for free).

Hoping it won’t happen again to any of us…


I would suggest to explain him one last time if unsuccessful, cancel the order…


Exactly! Thanks I appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile:

You’re right! Thanks for the input!

I guess will be a good idea to be able to see stats regarding the clients latest purchases (e.g ratings received and given, what gig they bought). Yet, fiverr is ignoring that suggestion.


Yes, I think so too, and if a buyer has a low star rating and a history of being unreasonable, cancelling or just being problematic in general - a "reject order " option should be available. That way the buyer would likely stop being a problem, if he or she wants to continue to use fiverr services.

Right now, sellers are sitting ducks.:duck:

Cancel. - This buyer has told you that they are only willing to pay if they get the results they want. Clearly, this isn’t going to happen since they have no idea what they are doing. To compound matters, CS has told you (basically) that they will take the buyers side should they not be 100% happy.

Sorry. From experience, though, (specifically with CS cancelling $70 fully delivered orders on request from a buyer) you are only going to waste your time and energy here, even if you throw in free extras.


Yes! Totally… super frustrating because I get dinged on my analytics… but yeah, I gotta do it! :no_mouth::expressionless::angry:

At least this wasn’t a $70 order though! Danggg, I’d be extra mad then!! :open_mouth: !!!


I just had an issue with a buyer that orders on a 15-day turnaround. No extra fast and now suddenly wants to cancel after 2 days saying he needed this yesterday.

OH and get this… He JUST NOW tells me he needs it by June 14th…

WTH dude. No mention of this in the order… nothing and you expect me to read your mind. I declined the cancellation. Let him to go to CS.

The last two weeks have been nothing but hell on Fiverr - nothing but revision requests and cancellations. I just don’t get it.


Oh man! … Annoying as heck! I have had a huge jump in cancellations - in the past few days - ALL of which are not my fault.

This is an issue fiverr needs to work out, because it’s not fair, super stress inducing, and – there’s no way that people should potentially lose levels - that they’ve worked diligently to maintain - because of other people’s ignorance or inability/unwillingness to follow instructions.


Looks as if I survived this levels day… sad thing is… no fan fare, no congrats you’ve maintained your level - nada. just a change in the date.

Even worse, I don’t care if they keep me a TRS or not. I just don’t care anymore.

What does that mean now?

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You win Fiverr, I’m cancelling most of my orders this month,. Screw it!


:open_mouth: !!! What’s going on?