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Cancellation - How NOT to affect my rating

Not long ago a buyer changed their mind and had miss ordered - I am thinking I am doing the right thing by them and me by Mutually canceling the order. However, the next thing I know it affects my rating.

What thing have you done to reduce this, because frankly buyers do not read - I have it all in my gig description.

Is anyone lobbying Fiverr to stop mutual cancellation to not affect ratings? This should NOT be the case.

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One option is that you can submit the order to Customer Support, and ask them to cancel it without it affecting your stats. This won’t always happen, and it seems to be completely down to the discretion of the agent you’re dealing with, and the situation you’re in. But we’ve had this work for us before.

We had a buyer a couple of weeks ago who placed 2 orders, one quite large, and one very small. They submitted requirements for the large order, we did the work, they signed off and 5-starred us. They didn’t even submit requirements for the small order. It was like they didn’t realise they’d done it. When we chased them about it, they went off the radar.

On this occasion, asking CS to step in did indeed work. But there have been instances where it hasn’t. Could be worth a punt next time you find yourself in a situation that isn’t your fault?

Depends on what you mean by ‘lobbying’. People complain, both here on the forums, and to CS representatives, on a daily basis (I include myself in that). Fiverr are definitely aware that sellers do not like this policy. But to date, they’ve stood their ground. If I’ve learnt one thing these past couple of years on Fiverr, it’s that it can be a VERY fluid place to work, so who knows what might happen in the coming weeks, months, years?