Cancellation is any harmful for gig or account?



if i cancel a any order its any harmful for gig or account reputation.




am a newbe in fiverr also waiting for the answer


When you request a mutual cancellation and the buyer agrees to cancel, it does not have any negative effects to your gig or seller reputation.

However if you request a cancellation and it is not mutually accepted by the way the other party, it can have negative effects. This is especially true if you cancel repetitively. Basically any cancelation that is NOT mutual by both buyer and seller can have a negative impact on that seller.

Hope this answers your questions :slight_smile:


yes, it can be harmful especially if you are a beginner here on fiverr with a no level or a level one because the percentage is big.

some sellers might look at is as if you are irresponsible and cannot handle good sales… at least that’s how I think people feel if they look at me with a high cancellation rate.

lets say you are new and people in total made 4 orders however one was cancelled. people might think that there is a 1 in 4 chance that you will cancel their order and not do it… especially people who want something to be delivered asap because they have some birthday gift to give to a friend. they might think if you cancel, their idea of giving a gift to a friend might get ruined so it’s best for them to find someone who has a much lower cancellation rate so they would reduce the risk for embarassment.


Thanks everyone .