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Cancellation Issue

A buyer order my gig. But don’t want to do the work. we cancel the order mutually. As a seller, I got -44$. Are Fiverr cut 44$ from my account?

You wouldn’t be paid until the order was complete (and then it starts processing payment slowly over a certain number of days). If the order didn’t complete because it was cancelled before then, no payment would have been made to you for that order so no payment will be removed from your account because of it.

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But it showing -45$ in my account!!!

Maybe there was a chargeback of a completed order, assuming you had withdrawn any earnings before that happened. You could contact CS if you’re not sure why it is or to see if anything can be done about it.

Is it showing that in the “Earnings” tab? That should have your actual earnings. Maybe you’re just looking at a page where it shows that that order has been cancelled and the value of it?

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If the order was cancelled they will remove that amount. If it was removed from your earnings, that’s different. It means some other completed order got cancelled.


You can order cancellation by mutual consent.


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