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Cancellation of order after 2 months


I recently faced an issue of cancellation of order after two months. what i can do now? i did all my work complete. its $1000 matter.


Sounds like paypal chargeback. Contact CS and find out why?

Depending on what your product is, you may be able to find the buyer. For example I had a charge back on a video. I knew client name from video and found it on Facebook and Youtube and file DMCA takedown notices and got it take down.


As you told i found a client on facebook, his account was blocked by fiverr and he filed a complaint for a charge back, but he didnt received a complete fund for that. but he is ready to pay that via fiverr as it was his mistake in selecting the transaction.

Worse thing for me is Fiverr is not responding the tickets.


I just faced the same issue today. $150 is deducted out of my fiverr earnings after 2 months of order completion. I even got 5 star on the order. That is crazy. I couldn’t even contact the buyer.


even i have 5 star. when i contacted client he got 13.65 usd from 1305$ of order. Where the remaining amount gone ? and then they blocked the clients account too.