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Cancellation of order by buyer or seller

Which will affect my profile more?

Mutually cancellation of project by buyer
Mutually cancellation of project by seller

It’s kind of the same thing and both will result in your overall completion rate going down for a period of 60 days.

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But I think If I cancel the order then I may get less penalized.

The penalty is a drop in your stats and possibly a lowering of your gig in the rank, although I’m not absolutely certain of the effect on ranking so please don’t take my word for it.

I feel it same but I prefer I do the cancellation as the sallers , another thing I have notice is if the buyer order and do not send there file of work instantly, I quickly chat them up and if I notice it not good for work I tell them to cancel and it ends up not even affecting my gig competition rate , no drops at all

Sellers are always penalized. It doesn’t matter who cancels.


It lowers the rank, but it depends on some factors.

For example, I have a large number of orders per month, so whenever I cancel orders, it doesn’t de-rank me. However, for some people that just have 10-15 orders and they cancel 3 orders, that affects their ranking quite a bit. So it’s all about how many orders you have in a month. If you cancel quite a lot but don’t have new orders to balance those stats, then yes, you will be surpassed by others in ranking.

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Can I rank my gig after getting penalized or will I have to wait for 60 days for it.

Can I rank my gig after getting penalized or will I have to wait for 60 days for it?

Well, I got a warning myself a few months ago and I wasn’t deranked. Or are you talking about other penalties?