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Cancellation of order placed mistakenly

Hello Fellow members!!!
I just want to share something with you, I just got an order and after few hours buyer came back and said he want to cancel this order just because he dont want to get this logo right now and dont want to pay for a thing he didnt want.
at this point I didnt even delivered to furnish first drafts as he came back after few hours of placing order and I had enough time to complete the job. I tried to make him understand but he wants a cancellation. as you know in this case Seller is not at fault and cancellation will only effect the seller overall gig stats and you know there may be multiple after effects. but buyers dont understand this and place the order without things and cancel it, because they are not going to loose anything not the rating not the reviews not the money. and sellers always have to face the loss of undone sin.

My request to fiverr team is please do something in this regard, as its not about loosing on order only. cancellation comes with many other loses like one might face gig rotation for uncertain time period, gig promotion feature may be ceased and many other loses and if a buyer cancels the order just because he placed accidently or don’t want a particular job for the time being whats the sellers fault in it?


Fiverr is no different than real-life scenarios.

I’m sure you’ve ordered something online you didn’t want after it arrived or went to a restaurant and ordered something off the menu but later changed your mind.

Same thing here.

The Buyer changed his/her mind.

They are allowed to do that as Fiverr is no different than any other marketplace where goods are bought and sold.

Sorry, but that’s the reality of the Gig Economy.


You have no fault though it is a system of Fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:
No way to do anything.

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Ask CS to cancel order without affecting your status. Do not accept his cancelation request and tell him order will be canceled by customer support team.


Ask Customer support to cancel it, that way it won’t have any effect on your cancellation rate.

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Thank you so much!!! I hope it wont