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Cancellation of order without requirements

so i got order from a client whom didnt even message me. but no requirements so the clock didnt start yet. i want to remove the clients order since the order is high in numbers but the clock isnt still ticking yet. id like to cancel this order. will this affect my current profile status?

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Any canceled order affects your stats. You can leave the order until the client comes back. However, be aware that they may never come back. But that is ok if the clock is not ticking. That way it does not affect your stats. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had one since April 2017 myself. Client comes online but won’t reply my messages. I am not bothered anymore too. :smiley:

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Even if you’re cancelled you’re not deserved it to effect it on your status since that it is something out of your control. If you really need to cancel it., I highly recommend you to do it by contacting customer support and letting them know what’s happened. I think they’ll do that cancellation in a fair manner. :slight_smile:

Order Status

The following is a list of statuses you can find during the order process:


When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

  • As sellers , you can leave this section blank if you do not require any further information.
    You will also see an option to send a reminder to the buyer, to notify them to reply to the instructions.
  • A buyer will see a message indicating a reply to the instructions is required to start the order.

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.


So, in theory, (if you don’t want to ask the client to submit the requirements and do the job for whatever reasons), let the order sit for a week and only then cancel it. No guarantee it really works, though, or might be buggy, I didn’t have to try it yet.

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In my previous experience, I got an order without requirement filled in because it was a mistake by buyer who somehow duplicated the order, which is later cancelled by Fiverr (probably the buyer sent a request for it), but it did not affected my cancellation rate. The cancelled order appears in my list but not affect my rate that drops my level. This happened in last year by the way.

I don’t know if this changed or not in their current system, but most likely the cancelled order without any requirement won’t affect the rate.

You can leave the order like that, clock didn’t start yet so no problems are there. Wait for the clients. If you are going to cancel the order with heavy amount you profile will be affected so much. And you have to recover after that. So just leave the order.