Cancellation of order


Hi guys,I have an issue today ,a seller placed an order for my basic gig which is $5 for terms and conditions .I was surprised when I got the notification because he did not message me before he placed the order because that was my requirements(message me before you place giur order) .then I told him I can’t do it for $5.
The seller immediately send a dispute reason been that I my basic gig us $5 so I should do it for the sane price… Now I need your advice because am a new seller and using only the basic gig how do u charge my client ?? Do I change my pricing to 3 ?? Wgat shoukd i do to qvoid cancellations…


Your gig for terms and conditions doesn’t say to contact you before placing the order; quite the contrary, it says place your order now!!

On top of that, in order details, you state that you will provide ‘unique terms and condition’ (‘standard privacy and policy for your website’) for $5. Your buyer could report you for refusing to do what you say you will do.

To try to avoid trouble in the future, be very precise about the exact service that the client will get for $5 (or whatever the price may be).


What do you want to know about cancellation of order?
Ask me you will get the answer


Must I work based on what on my gig ?


hm… think it this way.
You gig description is what you promised in the first place. Could you tell why mustn’t?