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Cancellation of orders completed and reviewed a month ago

Is it fair for a buyer to cancel 3 orders that you have completed for him and he left positive feedback? However because of not being able to continue working for him a month after he cancels the orders for work that has already been completed and completed as requested.


@miszkaii not fair its really disappointing as seller


not fair at least he paid for work you have done for him.


Yes it is. We need more protection as sellers


He is dishonest! I did my part how can he just decide to cancel after a month after leaving good review and everything?

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It more than likely is a PayPal Chargeback. If the buyer is no longer on Fiverr, that is the case.


Thanks for this comment.

Did you find you buyer is no longer on Fiverr?

It just says the buyer can no longer be contacted and it will not affect my response rate. I can see he was on x hours ago

That is because when a buyer does a chargeback Fiverr bans them.

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Okay. The buyer’s online time is till visible though and has been on I just can contact them. My orders keep clearing and the funds taken to to that buyer it’s not fair

Then the buyer has blocked you. I would contact CS about this.


If you send CS a screenshot of the good review they left you then you may possibly get a refund from CS. At least find out why it happened.

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fair … not fair it’s part of the game , perhaps it was a chargeback , in all cases there isn’t much that you can do about it , sorry

I haven’t seen this part… is his account still active ? Then he complained to CS about something I guess… asking support might help