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Cancellation On Late Delivery after Revision Request

Suppose I deliver a large project to my buyer and then he asks for revision for which I am provided 24 hours. What if I am not able to complete the hectic work within the next24 hrs and he cancels the order and gets my delivered work for free?
How Do I save Myself?


Good question brother even I am also searching the answer.

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If I remember correctly, as long as the first delivery is on time, the order can’t be cancelled for late delivery.


But Fiverr would mention there- The Buyer has thw option to cancel the

I think it’s Better to Confirm this from the CS team :wink:

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Send a request to extend the time.

If order cancels by CS you lose your work…

If revision is requested on the order, you can ask buyer that revisions will take some time.
No need to be so worried