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Cancellation Orders Worth,Rates,Reasons

Hi,I’d like to ask everyone about their cancellation rates.

1.Till date, how much worth orders have you canceled?(Mine is $116)
2.What is your order cancellation ratio?(Mine is about 16 Cancelled:65 Completed)
3.What are your common reasons for canceling?(Mine are usually when the buyer orders without messaging me first or when their are misunderstandings.)

Everyone feel free to share here freely! :slight_smile:


I don’t think about cancellations. If I need to cancel an order I do it. It’s one of those things that I don’t concern myself with since there are some orders that require it.


That is information that’s probably best kept private. Do you really want your potential buyers to see your stats or reasons for cancelling? :wink:


Insightful,I tend to worry about it right now because I think with a high cancellation rate,it may impact my gig rankings and also can the CS object to this?

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My potential buyers will know that I value quality over quantity seeing that I canceled orders worth high amounts so I’m okay with that.

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All my cancellations are a result of the buyer not reading the gig description. This causes them to place $5 orders when they actually should be placing orders worth more. Most of the time they never bother to come back to look at the order or read any messages I send.

To have these count against me is unjust.


Although not being counted against you, cancellations do affect seller gig rankings,right?

When I say “counted against you” what I mean is affect gig rankings so yes they do lower our gigs rankings.

Staff understands that the buyers order incorrectly sometimes and never respond to our questions and messages. Supposedly, these kind of cancellations are not as bad and don’t count against us as much.

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i complete 59 cell without any cancel . i already told in my every gig send me message before order but some people order without message.
if i got this type of work i try to do that, sometime it took time and need learn something but i try to learn it and try to make buyer happy.
it will be better if fiverr give a option for accept order and then order will start.


my cancellation are due to price… buyers order basic package and sometimes refuse to accept my Extras… so i have no option but to cancel…


i am fortunate because i have completed 52 orders with no cancelation and 50 five star reviews.
100% delivered on time
100% responce time
100% positive rating
1hour response time.
i always make every thing 100% and i did not let them down.
many times i have received orders without discussing or confirmations but i have completed that orders as well. recently i received order of 5$ the work required is minimum of 100USD but i have done it on 5$ and i receive 10$ tip plus a good review and five star rating.


Cancellations should always be done as a very last resort. The lower your ratio of cancelled orders, by far the better, but unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to keep a 100% completion ratio because sometimes the buyer will place an order and then want to cancel an hour later. Which is why it’s very important to try to refrain from doing so as a seller, unless you MUST do it.

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I understand that kind of frustration. :frowning: