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Cancellation Policy Gives Cover to Dishonest Gig Providers

I am a new user. I ordered a gig promising hits on my website. I set up a system to monitor the hits utilizing a special landing page. After the gig was delivered, I received no hits although they sent me a link showing I’d received 201. When I sent the company the evidence to the contrary, they quickly cancelled my order and refused to correspond with me anymore. I thought I’d post the circumstances on the review page to warn others or just see if anyone else had the same problem. Now I see that unless I actually pay the gig costs I have no voice and yet it was the vendor who chose to cancel the gig and it will go away in two days whether I approve of the cancellation or not and therefore I am left voiceless. I would be willing to pay the money just to voice my displeasure in their comments section, but again that is not an option. This policy actually makes it so anyone caught failing to perform can quickly cancel the gig and it is impossible for a disgruntled customer to have a say.
I suspect because this company is a big money maker for Fiverr and has 1000s of glowing reviews, Fiverr wouldn’t act even if they were being dishonest. This whole issue has left a horrible taste in my mouth. I teach workshops to thousands of people every year and have promoted Fivver as a potential resource for nonprofits to obtain services at reasonable cost, but after actually using the service, I don’t know if I can in good conscience recommend it. What say you Fiverr forum people? Any Fiverr employees care to respond. I would love to speak to someone personally/privately.

You can refuse to cancel but let me also suggest that as someone who has experience with websites and hit counters they are not always accurate.

Also simply getting hits on your website serves no purpose at all. Getting several
thousand might boost your site if they were legitimate-- Google can tell if they are also-- but two hundred generated hits has zero value.

I would take the refund but if you want to leave negative feedback you are entitled to do so by refusing the cancellation.

Most of the services that say they can increase your likes, hits ,traffic, etc are shams, most of them use outdated kiddie scripts and bots that potentially have more chance of getting your account permanently banned! You’d be better off joining something like an exchange site or forum that has ORGANIC hits and uses REAL people, I’d steer clear of any other black hat methods, they’re usually more trouble than their worth!

To speak to staff privately, go to Customer Support and submit a ticket. Staff aren’t likely to answer you on the forum. But they will respond to a single open ticket. It usually takes a day or two though if they are very busy it might be a little longer.

As others have mentioned. You can refuse to cancel and leave a review.