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Cancellation policy is unacceptable

Not only do I not get paid for work fully provided and to spec, I am punished no matter what. I can continue to refuse cancellation, but it’s obviously not long until the buyer will request cancellation from customer service. I do not get paid, and my completion rate is impacted.

A buyer that cannot give an adequate reason for cancellation - beyond “I just don’t like it” should not have any ability whatsoever to cancel. I do not do work for free. Don’t get me started on the review system.

I’m sure this goes into a long list of other complaints, but I am no longer going to be offering my services here. I respect that it’s great platform to get started on, in fact I’ve had many great buyers. but beyond that, it perpetuates and enables a disrespect for the hard working people here.


I understand your frustrations and I think that a lot of us agree with you to be honest - I hope you’re able to find another platform that works for you.

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From what I’ve seen here as a book worm that reads every post that could be useful to me. “Not liking it” in other word personal taste is not a valid reason. If you completed the job properly, didn’t break any TOS, then I would try to politely contact CS about this.


I think you forgot why we are here.

We provide services to Buyers.

Whether or not they like what we do is part of the deal.

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Unfortunately, it is. I did look through the terms of service and Fiverr does not any longer require a definable reason for cancellation. :confused:

I reached out to CS actually as this as I saw issues early with the buyer and I did get a nice response, but there was no indication they had any ability to side with the seller - only the buyer could accept the order and that was the end of that, or CS could cancel.

I know the quality of my work, and if someone doesn’t like an aspect I will make it right. A cancellation without any describable reason is, quite frankly, being scammed. That, is not a deal I agree with. :slight_smile:

You clearly have issues with the policy of the platform.

Good luck in your future ventures away from this platform.

it’s not part of the deal.
Not liking the delivered service is part of the deal, the buyer can negatively rate the order later or request a modification, but not ask to cancel.

This is why there is modification request and the rate system.

CS normally cancel orders if it doesn’t meet the buyer request, SINCE the request meets the gig requirements.

We see this policy differently.

It’s okay.

You can’t convince me otherwise.

Have a nice evening.

Its not about seeing the policy differently.

I had many situations like @xillra and CS stayed in my side.

I provided what my gig offers. Many buyers tries to abuse this (normally placing an order which worth more than $100 asking me to work for $5, for example) and I just don’t cancel if I provided what my gig says. Not even Customer Support.

Probably CS found something else and cancelled @xillra order, but buyers are not allowed to request cancellation for not liking the order. Only if the order wasn’t fulfilled accordingly what the gig offers… It’s all in Term of Services guide,

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There is nothing much to argue here. Whether you like this policy or not is irrelevant.

Personally, I would try to find out why this buyer didn’t “like” my artwork. (By the way I am a software developer, not a professional artist). I would also question my own decision to do business with an untrustworthy person.

@xillra: You’ve been here since 2013. Level 1 and straight 5. You gotta be crazy to give up just because of a minor incident like this. Man up dude. You are better than that.

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I understand what you are saying.

I haven’t experienced your situation.

However, I have cancelled orders when Buyers have not truly met their part of the deal (providing the content I need to provide my service) and have had no issues. In fact, the few times I’ve done this, the Buyers were fine with cancelling.

Maybe I’m just lucky.

Exactly. I agree with you on this one. I am in the video editing industry and if someone didn’t like what I did at all, I would be more than happy to redo their ENTIRE project from scratch just to make them happy. I don’t think that cancellations should be a part of Fiverr.

Okay, maybe you don’t like the order once or twice or even 3 times and you want the seller to redo it, that’s okay, I understand you want to get the most of your money, but there is no reason to cancel an order. In my opinion, and you might have a different one, this is scamming.

Only uneducated people that don’t know that sellers work hard and they shouldn’t be treated like that do this. I would NEVER do this to a seller.

One last thing: saying " I just don’t like it" is obvious that the buyer is trying to get their project for free, (they probably like it but they want their money back so they can pocket it for themselves), the least you could do if you wanted to actually cancel and order was give an at least 3 sentence explanation apologizing and saying why you don’t like it.

These are facts. There are a lot of simply uneducated people here on Fiverr that can be horrible.

I hope this helps.


Well, I do this often too. And I don’t have issue with this. I actually don’t like this BUT this, yes, makes part of the deal.

But I believe you didn’t get @xillra issue. As far as I understand, he delivered accordingly with what the buyer requested, and what his gig offers, then the buyer didn’t like and request a cancellation. This behavior isn’t allowed. This is why the buyers cant request a modification and/or negatively rate the order at the end.

One thing is cancelling the order before working this (if buyers doesn’t meet with our gigs requirements), other thing is working the order accordingly what our gig offers and then request a cancellation.

If I complete the order accordingly my gig rules, I never cancel an order. And maybe this is why customer support never cancelled my orders like this post.

Actually, I do understand the OP.

I think that one of the issues with a platform like this is that all communication is in text.

Face-to-face things are different.

There’s tone of voice, there’s body language, there’s a lot more subtle things that don’t translate in text.

Plus, the OP was obviously written while the poster was angry/upset so we are only getting one side of the story.

That usually means we are not getting all of the details.

I’m not making accusations.

I’m just looking at this whole scenario from a different perspective.

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yes, i aggred with you

I agree. I wrote a book for a client. She cancelled it as her “partner” felt the tone was wrong, which was easily correctable on my part. I have since re-purposed the work I wasn’t paid for, but it was one week of unpaid work for me. Fiverr doesn’t care, they rule in favour of the buyers now.


At least you have a clue to argue about. At the beginning of December I had a customer who started a second order and immediately afterwards wrote, without giving any reason, that she did not need the order and would cancel it. I haven’t received an order for a month! Since she also refrained from submitting an evaluation on the first order, I could not do this either and vent my dissatisfaction or warn others that apparently she does not know what she wants. This first and only cancellation currently costs me a whole month’s wage!
Just that Fiverr canceled this order (due to … wrong click ?!) is a joke.

I’m loving that fiver introduced zoom functionality, makes it far easier to discuss requirements, should be rolling out further this year :crossed_fingers: