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Cancellation policy MUST change

Nope. I still don’t get it. The fundamental ethos needs to be that both parties are happy to work together, on a topic that both parties agree with, for a fee and timescale that is acceptable to, yes, both parties. I do not see why it is unacceptable for both parties to agree before the start; that is the foundation of any contract - which is, incidentally, what this is meant to be

I totally agree about the period of 1-2 hours to cancel the order without any consequences.
Here’s an example just from yesterday… I offer translation services in Russian and English and one of my customers placed an order and attached a document in Cyrillic letters.
It turned out that the document was in Uzbek, which is simply different. We use the same letters, but that’s the only common thing.
I had to find a person speaking that language because I try to avoid cancellations at any cost (you never know when Fiverr decides to punish you for cancellations).
In addition, I had many customers, who placed an order just to tell me “It was a mistake” in about 15 minutes after finding cheaper services.

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I made such changes to my gig and it’s made a huge difference. I get far fewer bad inquiries and purchases.

Yes, it means maybe getting fewer gigs, but when you think of the time, energy and resources you spend dealing with bad buyers, it evens itself out, plus you make more money per order and may get more ethical, pleasant buyers.


Yes it is frustrating, but that is how the system works and some people are very into exploiting the system. Good thing is you can give them 1 * ratings as a buyer and hopefully that has somekind of effect… Raise the price to get better money for your gigs and also set a Max orders in queue for the gig to lower number so you don’t get hit with multiple gigs at the same time before finishing the first ones on your queue.

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It’s not unacceptable. It’s just not mandatory.

There have been suggestions for Fiverr to implement a feature that sellers could turn on and off, and that would disable/enable buying without prior messaging, but for the time being, Fiverr works the way it worked from the start: buyers see something they like, and can place the order without discussing it with sellers.

$5 gigs seem to attract this type of buyers more than others.

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1-2 hours won’t work, because of the time zone differences.

We should have an “approve buyer’s submission” button, and the order not start until a seller approves - then the seller can specify again what is needed to start the order - and if a buyer is non responsive to the order is cancelled automatically within 3 days, and not effect the seller’s analytics.

I just feel like buyers should understand how important it is to read gig descriptions thoroughly, and be responsible for what they buy.


They’ve been saying this for nearly 2 years - I wouldn’t hold your breath.


My suggestion would be also having a possibility to flag orders as differing too much from the gigs description and offering, instead of just having a time window when to cancel the order. Otherwise also Sellers might start just cancelling orders during selected timeframe no matter if the order is according to the gigs offering or not.

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What would the result of the flag be?

Yeah, that’s the problem :wink: I think there should be a reason for cancellation and if cancelleation has been flagged that order is not according to gig offering, admins could check the order and decide no to penalize for cancellation.

Problem is admins would most likely end up with gazillion of flagged cancellations to check…

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So, the inevitable happened. 5 days ago, before my “60 day level review” I had 21/21 5* ratings, reply in <1hr, 16k views, 674 clicks, 758 views, 100% on time delivery, an average 25 views per day, and had made no changes to my gig.

Over the last 4 days my daily views went from 29 to 10 to 4 to 0. I have dropped from the top row of the search results to the bottom of page 11.

Because of the fake orders being created (9 out of 33 orders - I got 2, on the same day from the same person) - I have clearly been wiped out due to the cancellation rate. It appears to be exclusively from new buyers who don’t understand the system - or fake users?

The previous response from CS was that “Theres nothing they can do, I have 60 days to improve it”, but as I am now getting zero clicks, the fact remains, I cannot fix it. This is a joke.

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It’s semi-related to your topic but my cancellation rate has doubled in 2-3 months and all the orders that were canceled were placed by new buyers. Requirements ignored, wrong packages ordered, wrong services ordered, etc.

There seems to be an effort to attract large numbers of new buyers to the platform without any explanation of how the said platform works and the sellers are the ones taking a hit. It’s like there is a banner hanging somewhere that has a huge red button on it that says “Buy Whatever” and it leads directly to my gig. I seriously don’t remember it ever being this bad.

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Exactly I get many orders which are cancelled immediately after the order is placed. Their excuse would be ordered by mistake, it has several times before you commit an order and we get penalized for it. Gigs drop in search result listing, lower sales. Even if we request them to compensate with some other works they would simply refuse to accept any resolution. This issue must be addressed.

But it doesn’t work. For those sellers that provide a service where it is possible to quantify the work in advance - great, and I am jealous. However, maybe some progression needs to be considered, with a multi prongued approach.

  • Fiverr needs to be clearer to new buyers on what to do, and particularly allow them to back out of an order without impacting the seller - if the buyer chooses not to, then so be it, but give that as an option at least.
  • Secondly, let sellers have two types of gigs “Allow immediate purchase” or “confirm before creation”

If I were a buyer, I would absolutely want to make my decision based on how reliable a seller is. But

  • Buyers can not see this information, it only impacts the sellers resulting position on searches, and
  • As I buyer, I have no interest in how many times other buyers have erroneously placed orders on the potential sellers gig, only how many times the seller has failed to deliver

The current purchase/refund system fiverr has works and was created for $5 orders.

I buy stickers on RedBubble and Society6 like this. I just roll in and throw my $2.50 around carelessly and then give away the stuff I ended up not liking when it arrived.

But fiverr has gone through a makeover when sellers are encouraged to get involved with more expensive and “serious” projects and help build the image of a more reputable platform, yet if you’re a buyer you still can be as juvenile and careless as you want. Regardless of the budget and the scope of work involved. It doesn’t work indeed.

And when the buyer asks me why I canceled and don’t want to work with them, I can’t even say: “Because you ignore my requirements and mess my stats up” because that’s a ToS violation.

I’m severely limited in ways of communicating that placing an order is serious business and requires reviewing and agreeing to certain terms. And fiverr doesn’t do a good job of bringing this point across on seller’s behalf.


Everytime sellers get in loss when an order is cancelled
They lose, time, resources and everything
That’s not what we are here for
I completely agree that the cancellation policy must change

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I am not happy with the Cancellation policy. Buyers place order and immediately they send a cancellation request saying was ordered by mistake, I try to convince them but no they would only want cancellation resulting in Order completion percentage decrements. Most cancellations are not because of failing to work on the order but from the buyer’s side.

Sometimes they would ask extras not provided within the gig amount, when telling them that would have to go for extras they would ask for cancellations. Its like we are under most of the time. The only way is to comply with buyers no other options at all.

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