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Cancellation problem

I just want to ask if there is anything more I can do about it. Video editing is huge topic and in 99% of the cases I need buyers to contact me first to discuss all details - like price, delivery and if I’m even able to help them. I’ve done almost 200 orders last 4 months and 7 was canceled.

The thing is that all 7 was canceled because buyer didn’t contact me before ordering to discuss all details. Then their order 5$ gig for 40$ job, or order something which I don’t offer and I need to cancel this order. This gets me angry so much. I need to cancel 2 orders in last 2 days due to that problem. My impressions and views after that decrease by 300% or so.

I have information ‘Please contact me before ordering’ at the top of my gig, highlighted and bolded. There is also such information in package description. Is there is anything more I can do to avoid cancellation?

Thank you in advance for help

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Oh, I’m afraid not everybody will read that :confused:
I’ve faced the same problem this month, what can you do? very little…
If you have already posted your questions as “mandatory” in your Gigs, (description of the work they need, to send you logos, etc.) and they avoid doing it, then there is not much to do…
Let’s hope Fiverr hear our complaints and implement a nice “ACCEPT ORDER” button for all us sellers :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying. That’s what I thought :confused: Button like that will be appreciate like nothing else.

Part of the problem is that our gig descriptions lie after the fold and some Buyers haven’t figured out that they should scroll down.

Don’t fret the mutual cancellations. CS has wrote me that cancellations are for your tracking purposes only. And I believe it.

Personally, I prefer to cancel rather than risk a mediocre/poor review from a Buyer who expected me to read their mind. Now THOSE certainly affect gigs.


I very much agreed! This or “REJECT ORDER” button for Gig that don’t align with what the Gig actually is.


Mutual cancellation effect where you are in regards to Levels. It does effect you no matter who cancels.

Levels are _not affected by “mutual cancellations”. It certainly hasn’t affected my Level and I average 1 cancellation per week due to Buyers requesting things I don’t offer in my gig. Like a video of me in my garden washing my dog when I don’t have a garden and I don’t have a dog!

Levels are determined by reviews and the business acumen you demonstrate. To fear mutual cancellations is ridiculous (despite where and how many times you’ve read to the contrary)… however, fearing less than 5 stars is justified!

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Check out what @djgodknows did with his gig description. Not too long ago he mentioned it worked quite well for him.


I’m sorry, but cancellations are a factor for being chosen and keeping a TRS status and Levels. I know because I have spoked to Fiverr’s managers (not CS) about it directly. I, like many other Sellers, deal with Buyers not reading Gigs, no provide required information, or simply being on unresponsive, which leads to unfortunate cancellations.

I’ve also received order for things like you noted, things I don’t offer or advertise––and I do had to have the orders cancelled. Trust me, I get it. It’s frustrating and often time it doesn’t make any sense. I mean, why wouldn’t a Buyer read the details about something they’re going to buy before they Buyer it? It crazy to think about. You weren’t order a coffee blind at Starbucks, youd’ check the menu to see what they offer.

To clarify: Mutually cancelled orders do count toward your delivered on time stats but do not affect your account or ratios––and delivered stats is one of the factors in becoming or staying a TRS. Cancellations also effect how/where you fall on a Gig. The most cancellation of that particular Gig, the more it drops in the search.

Fiverr can demote you in the Levels as well because of performance and reputation. Don’t think reviews are the only factors in this. Your delivery and cancellations (aka delivered on time status) are a factor in Levels of TRS status as well.

Cancellation should always be a last resort, which is why I’m such an advocate or having a “Reject” button or “Pause Order” button for Sellers when it comes to Buyers providing little/no information for the Order Requirements or being unresponsive once the order is open. Most of my cancellation have been because of Buyers fault in the issue––however, if there were a way to reject information or pause the order itself, so many cancellations would easily be prevented.

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Great Solution…:slight_smile:

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Thank you guys for directions. Much appreciate.

I always try to contact buyers after ordering without texting me first. If I haven’t done that I will have much more than 7 cancelled orders, but when someone ask you to put an smile emoji to cover someones ‘backside’ there is nothing more I can do :smiley:

It is sad. As a seller this happens a lot.

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