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Cancellation rate affected because buyer never replied after ordering


I received an order for a Gig but the buyer never sent me the file I had to work on. I asked them more than once to send me the needed files, but they never replied. So I asked for a mutual cancellation. Never replied either.

So, what happened next is that the order has been automatically deleted and therefore affected my cancellation rate Did something like this ever happen to someone else and what did you do? Do you know if Customer Support would “delete the cancellation” somehow?

Thank you if you reply! :slight_smile:

A not-very-happy seller

What’s your cancellation rate? It even shows up if the order was cancelled mutually. Nothing to worry about.

Order was cancelled anyway right ?

Well, this is, up to now, the only order I cancelled. My problem is that I asked for a mutual cancellation but the buyer never replied, so the cancellation in the end affected my rate…

Psshhh. This is it ? I have 10% cancellation rate. As I said. Mutual cancellations are also shown in the statistics. For the records.

Yes, this is it. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was a good reason to cancel, but my point is:

-a buyer orders one of my Gigs without sending any message

-he never communicates with me nor sends me the file I need to start the work

-he never answers to my messages

-so I have to cancel the order: just because he made a mistake ordering a Gig and then never bother to reply, my profile got affected, even if a little bit.

These situations shouldn’t be allowed, I think. So I would like to know if somebody else has ever experienced such a situation and what how you behave. Also to help other people in the future or to know myself what to do in the future.


Reply to @giulia_italia: Many people have experienced it. It’s actually quite common and there’s not really anything that can be done about it.

The only thing I can suggest that might help a little bit, is to make sure that “instructions” are enabled for your gigs. There’s a glitch with it getting un-checked. It’s possible that your buyer didn’t even know that they needed to supply anything when they ordered. It’s also possible that they forgot all about what they ordered - that happens sometimes too. Good luck in the future, but don’t expect Fiverr to make sense or even function correctly. :slight_smile:

Hahaha! OK, then, what a pity this happens a lot…

I doubt he didn’t know that a file had to be sent because it was a proofreading Gig…He just forgot, probably:-)

Reply to @giulia_italia: I sympathize. I have a forum posting gig and I’ve had orders with no URL or even a description of the site to post on. The instructions were responded to with “I paid”. They never replied to my messages asking for a URL, but thankfully they responded to my cancellation request - at the very last minute of course!

With the required instructions - as long as they are actually required and the system didn’t un-tick it - the countdown clock doesn’t start until the instructions are submitted. That doesn’t stop “I paid” from starting the countdown, but it can help a little.