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Cancellation Rate Gurus


In my category (Graphic Design - Flyers & Posters), Uncle Fiverr keeps telling me that High Performance sellers keep an order completion rate of 97%
Mine is 89%
I would like to know who’s the one with +97% :rage:
A step forward please! (if he/she really exists!!!)


Same in my category. They say “98%”, yet mine is 81, and I know others’ are less than 90 as well, since my category is very sensitive and prone to cancellations…

Here’s an idea: maybe that ideal percentage is simply an incentive? To try and make us increase it through some voodoo magic?

I mean, everyone on the forums is complaining about cancellations, yet all those categories are all above 97% or so?


If it’s an incentive, it’s somehow utopic, isn’t it?

I’ve tried that… and it’s not working :rage:


Have you tried almighty magic, spell casting, druidic magic, dark arts or even anti-magic for that matter? :smiley:

Anyway, it’s probably just like those poor hosting providers who promise 99.99% uptime, and they always experience downtime issues. It’s just eye candy, or actually something to annoy the eye :smiley:


You mean order completion rate. Mine is 100% :sunglasses: [It’s for the last 60 days only]


Darn… that was like a #facepalm given to all of us! Like right #inyourface - you’re living the utopian dream :slight_smile:


Yes sir!!!
So there we have ONE!!
After all +97% is not just another urban legend…


That’s not a big deal guys, most people who order my gigs are repeat buyers, so they know what I can do and can’t do.