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Cancellation rate still effecting the seller level

Why does Fiverr have a condition of “low cancellation rate” for their level 2 and top rated seller when they have clearly stated that cancellation rate will not affect the rating nor the seller level.

“As of now mutual cancellations, initiated by sellers or buyers on Fiverr, will not be factored into your cancellation rating or have any affect on your Level status.” Fiverr Team
On June 5, 2014

Low cancellation rate isn’t factored into the equation when it comes to levels. I have a 31% cancellation rate on my gig, because I cancel orders from people who do not read the information e.g. expecting 20 x 50 word articles for their money, reviews, or a million articles in three days. (some people agree that it will take longer, but cancel as soon as it goes very late anyway). I also cancel orders from people who I have expressely told never to order from me again. They have no issues hurling insults my way, finding out my phone number online and then calling me at 3am telling me to hurry up. However, they still want a good deal. Well, they can go some place else.

Mutual cancellations however are factored into your cancellation rating. That is a lie on Fiverr’s part. Mutual cancellations have the ability to stop you from achieving a higher level.

I lost my TRS due to too many mutual order cancellations. This resulted in fewer orders (because mutual cancellations can, apparently, have an impact on where you are in the searches). I found out one day that I no longer appeared in the search results. I did not return for over 2 weeks. By that time, I had lost my TRS as I was not making enough money for Fiverr (gone from 20 orders a day, to less than 10 a week)

In addition, not all cancellations are mutual. Those that are not mutual still affect your rate and levels.

@ryangillam, Thank you for your response.
You said “Low cancellation rate isn’t factored into the equation when it comes to Levels” but then you said, “Mutual cancellations have the ability to stop you from achieving a higher level.”.
My understanding is that mutual cancellations are a part of your low cancellation ratings. So why are you telling me that low cancellation rate isn’t factored into the equation when it comes to levels but then you are telling me that mutual cancellations have the ability to stop you from achieving a higher level?

Are you implying that mutual cancellations don’t matter until you are level 2 but to become a TRS they come into play?

@fonthaunt. Thank you for your response.
I have another question, what are negative impacts of low “Delivered on time” percentage rate on your gigs, profile and levels.

It doesn’t make sense for fiverr to say that mutual cancellations have zero effect on anything if they do. It is something I would like to know for sure.
For some reason the most difficult buyers love to place constant $5 orders.

Well, Now it’s official! even mutual cancellations effect your rating! you even get the warning before cancellation. So, times are changing.

Customer support can’t decide whether mutual cancellation impacts us or not. This is the last response I got (i always send a message whenever I need a mutual cancellation to complain). Although, in my opinion this does imply that the system has no idea whether something is mutual or not.

“Once you offer your buyer cancellation request, our system is unable to recognize if the cancellation will be mutual or not, and that is the reason why you are seeing the message you attached in this ticket request.
We can assure you that your profile is not in any way harmed.”


One of the customer support agents implied that any penalty from mutual cancellation is justified as the seller has the ability to withdraw the offer for cancellation whenever they wish.

I think the mutual rule is a good one. We as sellers cannot be held responsible if people do not read our gigs before ordering. That would be unfair.

I have no way of confirming that mutual cancellations had an impact on my ranking, but my gig certainly dropped significantly from it’s previous position in it’s category because a buyer didn’t want to work with me to make her order what she wanted, and instead wanted a refund.

Kinda sucks, because I haven’t gotten any new customers since, but what can you do. :confused:

Sorry, I meant to say it appeared to have changed place as a result, not that I had any way of knowing that the mutual cancellation was a direct cause.

It’s pretty simple. Pester CS everytime you have a legit cancellation. No whine, not moan, just xyz facts.

Not truly recommended, but more effective than a huff and a puff on the forum.

I notified CS of a mutual cancellation I did that wasn’t my fault and was told they have zero effect on anything.