Cancellation Rate?


What are your typical rules that you go by for canceling a client’s order? I normally will always go out of my way to provide value for a client and always provide a redo but if the client isn’t satisfied. I normally cancel their gig after that. Any similar situations or rules you follow?


Is all about how you value your work. Me for example, if I know I already did a good work for that customer and he aske way much more, I cancel it for sure.

Also I suggest to avoid cancelations since you have not a lot of orders and try your best everytime but value your work and don’t work for free.

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I have had a similar experience where even when I did the modify work the customer cancel but I think its best they cancel than to have you doing more work for what its not worth.


Reply to @dukanu:

So you create logo’s correct. Pretend I am the customer. I get your first round of revisions and say nope. Don’t like them. Start over again. I get the next round nope. Don’t like them. Eventually you are essentially working for free. Some of the demands of a $5 customer are a little high.


Reply to @forcedlogic: In my case I do not offer any revision for $5 because I know how much I work for every logo. This is the reason why I deliver max 10 logos/day. So I cancel it if he ask me to redo the logo. I’m ok why revisions if that take me max 10 minutes.


As long as revisions are what I consider to be reasonable, I’ll continue to update an order without too much fuss. “Reasonable” meaning the buyer notices a few typos (regardless of whose mistake it was), they don’t like the layout of a certain page but their preference is an easy fix, etc.

I’ll never forget when one company contacted me asking for a flyer - something that I don’t advertise as my specialty, but was willing to try - and first said “we like this element, but we’re also looking more of an ‘elegant’ feel” and then I would change to add whatever “elegance” is and they would suddenly change their mind on the initial element they did like. I made at least 4 completely new flyers for them and they kept saying it just wasn’t “quite” what they wanted. I had to cancel the order in the end, which was very upsetting because it meant I did all that work for no pay over several days - on top of being a student!

I’ve learned my lesson since then - I look out for buyers trying to get free work by asking for an entirely new version of the work they asked for. When they ask, I offer instead to tweak what’s there rather than starting from scratch. Those who won’t budge need to be directed to another creator/seller, because either your style is not their style, or they are trying to get more from you for less.

I’ve considered adding watermarks to my work before going through with officially submitting work, but I don’t want to come across as pretentious. Regardless, my “rule” is a little loose, but it’s necessary. I try to be a very lenient and helpful seller, but we have to look out for people trying to use us.