Cancellation RATING on FIVERR is UNFAIR


Fiverr keep reducing percentage when we cancel an order but there is no issue about it but some buyers purchase orders and asking to cancel before even starts it sometimes they purchase without reading the gig description well so these are BROKEN orders. it is really unfair add those kind of cancels to our cancel ratings because our cancel percentage go down for nothing. I think fiverr should find a better way to deal with broken orders like this at least going through support should not add these kind of broken order cancels to our cancel percentage. Buyers eventually get there money back but in return we get a cancel point

This is a big disadvantage for us SELLERS.
Am I correct?? give me your thoughts

please report this system issue to FIVERR

Thank you!


Well Its Sound Not good. Its Not A Seller Fault If Someone Cancelling For No Reason Fiverr Should Put A Penalty To That Client… Also Fiverr Should Be Updated if Such Negative Exist…


Seriously, if you can provide a screenshot of a message from the client along the lines of “ordered by mistake, sorry” this cancellation shouldn’t count, period.


I had a client order the same thing 3 times in a row because he didn’t know his first two orders went through. He cancelled the first two.

I’m sure fiverr will find a solution to this.


I tried Fiverr CS don’t have any solutions for this


My yes this is a big issue from Fiverr and real advantage for SELLERS


A buyer can destroy seller’s entire fiverr profile by purchasing 1-20 order one time and asking them to cancel at once this is a big issue because Fiverr is willing to get Buyers side always


Yes, because it’d require them to review each cancellation individually to determine who’s fault is that. While they try to automate the process as much as possible.


Yes, It is a big disadvantage for Sellers. A few days back a buyer placed the same order twice and that too without discussing first and as it was not relevant to my gig eventually cancelled both the orders. My level has gone down and not many getting orders after that.