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Cancellation ratio became zero :D

I don’t know what happened but my cancellation ratio has reverted back to zero! :smiley: They were all mutual cancellations though!

I was checking the new dashboard and to my surprise it showed cancellation 0% . At first I thought it was a bug but then I checked my Sales Analytics page and I was happy to see Orders Cancelled showed 0%

I’m just wondering did this happen to all of the other sellers too ? o.O

If it did, does that mean mutual cancellation no longer have any effect on sellers now ? Not even in the Sales Analytics page ? This is Good news for me if it doesn’t affect ratings and ranking at all now!


that happened to me too.

my last few days were worst. and i had to give cancellation to three orders.

which made my cancellation ration from 3% to 5%.

i was worried.

but god knows how, its now 1%.

that’s reason to cheers!

:slight_smile: Janwe

yes its good news congrats !!

Yes, the same happened to me.

Same here, I am thinking this new dashboard will be calculating a lot of things now, even with delivery time.