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Cancellation ratio woes


Hi there. I notice one of my gigs show a 33% cancellation ratio. This sucks as I am only of Fiverr for 2 weeks.

I’m doing a book review service where I actually read the book from cover to cover and post a review. Even though my gig clearly states it’s an honest review, I have people purchasing gigs and telling me what sort of review to give their book. I’m not selling my integrity for $4 so I cancel the gigs when they insist they will supply me with the review. I also cancel the gigs when the client raises the order and just send me the link to the Amazon page without the book with the hope that I will spend money for the book (makes no sense as oftentimes the book is more than the gig) but also because they are not interested in me reading the book, just giving a review.

That said, I feel like that cancellation ration thing is working against me simply because I want to be honest. Can the cancellation ratio only be applied in certain circumstances? I see a significant drop in the orders I have been receiving since this appeared on my profile and I really need this gig to help supplement our family income. Has anyone else been impacted by cancellation ratios for instances they feel is really out of their control?